The Grandmaster of Magic and Alchemy

By Lunnear

Warning This fiction contains Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatizing content. This fiction contains ideas of incest and same-sex marriage. Please read at your own discretion.


Do you believe in reincarnation? Well, I don’t. Why? Because to reincarnate, you must die first. But then if you didn’t die but just suddenly vanished and replace someone else’s life?

This is the story of a woman who lives for so long that she’d wished she could just die already, only to mistake the spell [Soul Incarnation] as a spell that could kill her. Instead, her soul and memory were sent into another world. Her name… is… was… called Megie, the Immortal Grandmaster Magician of Magis Million World. And now, her soul is in the body of a girl who accidentally poisoned herself to death. Her name is called Jenna Loveheart. Now… what will you do, Megie? No, Jenna?

Table of Content: Grandmaster of Magic and Alchemy

Book One: Transcending Worlds

  • Book One Chapter One:
  • Book One Chapter Two:
  • Book One Chapter Three:
  • Book One Chapter Four:
  • Book One Chapter Five:
  • Book One Chapter Six:
  • Book One Chapter Seven:
  • Book One Chapter Eight:
  • Book One Chapter Nine:
  • Book One Chapter Ten:
  • Book One Chapter Eleven:
  • Book One Chapter Twelve:

Book Two: The School in This World

  • Book Two Chapter One:
  • Book Two Chapter Two:
  • Book Two Chapter Three:
  • Book Two Chapter Four:
  • Book Two Chapter Five:
  • Book Two Chapter Six:
  • Book Two Chapter Seven:
  • Book Two Chapter Eight:
  • Book Two Chapter Nine:
  • Book Two Chapter Ten:
  • Book Two Chapter Eleven:
  • Book Two Chapter Twelve:
  • Book Three Chapter One: