Chapter Two

Book 1 Chapter 2: The 29th Daughter of the Tao Family

By: Lunnear

Completed Edits: November 10, 2016


Tao Jinghua opens her eyes as she blinked in confusion for a split second. In her vision, she can see the ceiling of a painted silk bed that have two wings of red, a large blue butterflies and one large pink peony flower with a background of light green. Tao Jinghua blinked her eyes a couple of times before, as gracefully as possible, setting up from the bed. The first thing that she noticed was that her own body were strangely very weak. The next thing she noticed was that she seems to be sleeping in a bed from Ancient China. You know, one of those frame bed from the ancient time that wasn’t soft like the one in the modern time. It was made out of wood and the mattress was very hard as it was barely one inch of softness. Not that she cared but her active mind took noticed of this strange sensation under her body.

Tao Jinghua look around the room that she is in with a confusion that made she think it was a dream. Even though the sky outside should still be dark, inside the room, Tao Jinghua can see everything as if it was in daylight. The room that she is in was rather simple. A wooden tea table in the middle of the room, a closet in the far corner of the wall, next to the bed was a table with a bowl of water and a white towel, and a couple of meters away from the table that has the bowl of water was a hanging rack that had two robes of clothes hanging on it. Toward the other side of the wall was a large divider panel that clearly was made out of wood and paper. It didn’t take a genius to know that behind this divider panel was the bathing area. Why? Because there was a painting of a lake and two cranes painted in oriental style on the divider panel.

Where the hell am I? She thought quietly to herself.

Tao Jinghua takes a deep breath as she felt her mind going into confusion for the first time in ten years. That is, until 13 years’ worth of memories suddenly enter her mind, making her expression pale a bit as pain throbbed inside her brain. The pain was enough to make her vision blurred. Tao Jinghua’s expression darken for a split second as sweat gathered on her forehead.

Seriously? What is this?

The real owner of this body had the same name as Tao Jinghua. She is the 29th daughter of a Pottery family in a Xichang Town. According to this girls memories, this country is called Wuzhi and this town is in the southernmost part of Wuzhi. A little of fifteen days of walking toward the nearest town, which is the main import of sea food and salts. This town. Xichang Town, is very small, according to this girl’s definition of a small town. Small enough that there only needs to have one institution for every children, which take places when they are 4 years old to 10 years old.


This world is very similar to the Ancient China that Tao Jinghua knows of. However, there is a lot different perspective that this world has that the China on Earth does not have. One of them is the fact that beast like a dragon, phoenix, and all those fantasy animals are real in this world.


This is going to get some use to.


The second thing that is different is the fact that this world has immortal. No, really. Immortal. As in those that cultivates and can live up to thousands of years. Those immortals.


The third thing that made Tao Jinghua’s brain shut down in one mere second is the fact that there is no such thing as guns or nuclear weapons in this world. Any defense that this world have is all Martial Arts, Spiritual Roots Arts, and Divine Arts.


Does that mean that I can’t use or make my own pistol?




One thing about Tao Jinghua’s hobby is that she’s a weapons collectors. She likes to collect old weapons and modified them into something else completely. For example, her Ruger SR1911 is a Semi-Automatic pistol that shoots a .45 Auto ammunition with a load of 7 bullets. However, after she modified it, the capacity of 7 bullets per load increase to 18 bullets per load. The average .45 Auto bullet has 467 Ft.-lbs. of energy at the muzzle, however, after modifying it, that 467 Ft.-lbs. of energy increased by another 180 Ft.-lbs. of energy at the muzzle, enough to kill a rank SS Martial Artist who practice Internal Martial Arts at close range. You have to know that one of the reasons why Tao Jinghua is so feared off is because of her 100% accuracy shooting precision and her guns. That was one of the reason why she was called the Silence Airless Master of the 25th Century. It was one of the reason, not the main reason but enough to causes her names to silently vibrate in both the underworld and the society world; or those that are intelligent enough to research about it. Anywhere where air is present, her bullet can penetrates through.


Most of the time, she didn’t even have to use her martial arts to get her jobs done since it wasn’t even worth it. A lot of her jobs ended without her even using her martial arts it all because her shooting precision was far too good, leaving her no chances to use martial arts. Enough that she was place in the First Ranked of Assassin in all large Country like the States, China, Russia, Australia, etc…


Her shooting precision was that good. She could shot up to 12,000 yard alone with her modified sniper rifle, which does not have the guided firearm long-range system install in.  This says more than enough details to how fearful Tao Jinghua is in the 25th century, when all guns have the guided firearm long range system installed in. Only hers doesn’t have it.


However, now, you are telling Tao Jinghua that this world doesn’t have guns?


This is going to get a long time to get used to. At least there is still swords and all other weapons. However, from this girl’s memories, weapons cost a lot of money since good irons in this world is different from the normal irons and steels in modern earth, in the 25th Century. In modern 25th century Earth, the strongest natural metal known to mankind is Tungsten, which have a strength of 1560 megapascals, 50 more strength compared to a couple of centuries ago due to the Earth’s changes. Which is why all Tao Jinghua’s weapons have at least a little tungsten coating on all of them.


However, here? There is no such thing as Tungsten. There wasn’t even any memory of Chromium metal in this girl’s memory.


This is going to be hard for Tao Jinghua, to be honest. And when Tao Jinghua is bored, a lot of people suffered.


Another differences is this world’s currency.

The currency in this world is different from the ancient china that Tao Jinghua knew of, too. These coins from ancient china were made of copper, iron, lead, gold and silver with different shapes, weights, and marks. However, the currency in this world was totally different. It is all purely made out of either Gold, Silver, Lead or some kind of iron called Red Iron, which looks exactly like tungsten, only in reddish color. The metals cannot be made into currency if there is another mineral mixed in. For example, a gold coin has to make out of 100% pure gold to be count as a gold coin. If there is even a little as 0.0001 of other metal, such as copper or lead, then the gold coin is melted down again to exact out the other metal, and left with only the gold.


After all, everyone in this world has something similar to Gold sensitivity and can tell if it has impurities in it or not. Yes, even Tao Jinghua can now tell if there is any other metal in the money that the original Tao has.


A copper coin, which is about the size of a 10 cents dime that the American uses, is the start of the currency. Normally, for a commoner, ten copper coins is already worth two days of food. So, what the old Jinghua like to count as 20 buns, which last two days if you eat nine twelves buns a day. A commoner’s year annual income is around 7 L.C. and that, it’s already a lot of money for them. The lowest that any working commoner will get per months is seventy to eighty copper coins in this small town, which was why this town doesn’t have any beggars or homeless person; the town’s elders does not like beggars in their towns so everyone was giving a job and a small resident to live in.


Tao Jinghua was surprised that this world actually have people who aren’t greedy for fortune and love their people like this town’s elders. This body doesn’t have any memory of associating with the elders but she does have memories of talks about them. They are a nice bunch of elderly men.


Anyway, the currency of this world is as below;

1,000 Copper coins = 1 Lead coin (L.C).

1,000 Lead coins = 1 Silver coin (S.C).

1,000 Silver = 1 Gold coin (G.C).


For some reason, there is no memory of what a red iron coin looks like in this girl’s memory. And then, after the gold coins, are the coins that large factions like sects and groups used called Diamond Coin that is made out of Spiritual Diamond. Tao Jinghua doesn’t have any memory of what a Diamond coin look like but she had been told that I look like a small fruits rather than a coin. So, she had no clue how a Diamond coin looks like even when one of her older sister is an immortal practitioners.


They are very rare, Diamond coins. Just One Diamond Coin is worth 10,000 Gold coins already. That said more than needed about the rarity of a Diamond coin for normal/mortal people.


From the girl’s memories, One Diamond coin can have as much as one hundred thousand  di[滴- meaning droplet] of Spiritual Qi mist, which mean that it has 100 drop of Spiritual Qi Spring. Just one drop of Spiritual Qi mist was enough to increase at least ten points of spiritual power. So, you can imagine how much one hundred thousand drop of mist is worth. Spiritual energy isn’t something that is easily gain after all. One drop of Spiritual Qi mist have as much as 100 point worth of spiritual energy, but because human’s body have too many impurities, they can only cultivate up to certain degree only. Or so this girl’s memories knowledge from the letters that were sent from her elder sister.


For cultivator of this world, meditating for 10 days can increase your spiritual power by 10 points. This discovery made Tao Jinghua very surprised. This is a just common knowledge that everyone in this world has. This levels of cultivation for immortal cultivators in this world is also a common knowledge too. After all, knowing the levels doesn’t mean that you can cultivate it. It’s all depend on talents, resource, comprehension skills, innate talents, arts manual, and hard work. If you don’t have the talent, the resource, the comprehension skills, the innate talents, and the manual, there is nothing that you can do even if you are working hard for it.


Not everyone can cultivate. Everyone can have the knowledge but it doesn’t mean shit when you can’t use it.


Well, whatever. It’s not like Tao Jinghua care without or not she can cultivate. Her martial arts is the kind that could be practice with or without Qi since she will be using Internal Martial Arts to infuse with it. Actually, it would be better if she doesn’t have Qi but that’s asking too much for this body.

Still, there is one question that Tao Jinghua just doesn’t understand. How the hell did the former soul of his body died in the first places? She should be dead not even an hour ago since rigor mortis isn’t even started yet. Taking into account of the temperature in this room, which was abnormally warm, this body’s former soul should be dead about 20 minutes ago.


Well, whatever. Since I am now her, living her life, I have to thank her. I still don’t even know why or how I die from that damn pearl in the first place. Tao Jinghua thought to herself. It’s not like she has any attachment to her former life. She only has a couple of friends that she trust. Ah, that’s right. The boss might be very pissed and annihilate the Taoist Temple since she did die there. Mei Mei will probably cry her eyes out and then sends all the government that is involved in that accident to the depth of hell. Yun, her other partner, will probably faint from shock and madness when he found out that Tao Jinghua died but that’s it. Tao Jinghua doesn’t particularly have any big attachment that would make her feel sad. She’s pretty damn bored with that world after 20 years of living in there. She did everything that she could and wanted already. Like learning all kinds of food dishes to even taking a part-time job doing dish washing. Let’s just say that she did everything that a lady could do, including Chinese embroidering.


That’s how bored she was when she wasn’t on a mission.


Ah, that’s right. According to her memories, when she turn 15 years old, this girl was supposed to marry the 4th son of the Tang family who owns a couple of large restaurants in this town. Finally, something that actually made Tao Jinghua looks forward to. After all, she died (?) before she was married after all so Tao Jinghua didn’t know what marrying someone was like. Right now, she is only 13 years old so she will have to waits another 2 years. From her memories, Tang Beifeng was a hardworking boy who is 2 years older than her. It should be fine. Marrying that kind of boy should let her experiences what a housewife is like.


Sighing mentally, Tao Jinghua gets up and start to get ready for the day according to this body’s daily routine. Since she’s the 29th daughter of the house, she and her two other sisters live together in a simple two stories house that has three bedrooms on the second floor while the first floor is where the washroom, storage room and a stone hearth room for pottery. Foods are delivery by the maids that her father hires so this girl doesn’t even know how to cook, unlike Tao Jinghua.


After she finished washing her face, Tao Jinghua went over to the table where a large glass mirror along with all the necessary that a lady use was on. The image that reflects on the mirror wasn’t the one that Tao Jinghua was used to. Her face was strangely white and doesn’t feel natural, she noticed that when she was washing her face. Her eyes are a bit larger than her old ones. The eyelashes are also longer. In one word, this girl has a face that will make even the goddess jealous. However, for some reason, this face is like a block of frozen ice. No, more like a block of wood that doesn’t move. Is it because she died that her expression is frozen in this natural position?


Her bangs were longer than normal, hiding her eyes and nearly half her face away. Does this girl have an inferior complex about herself? But that’s not possible since she clearly is more beautiful than all her sisters. She wasn’t bully either. She wasn’t hated by her father nor her mother. Her father has 5 wives so the family was pretty damn big after all. It won’t be strange if she was bullied but according to her memory, her father loves every of his child equally. Her stepmother isn’t a bitch either, unlike what Tao Jinghua had expected.


She has 18 brothers that are older than her and 4 younger brothers. She has 28 older sisters and 3 younger sisters. All in all, she has 53 siblings. All ranging from age 1 to 30 years old. That’s one hell of a lot of siblings. 8 of her oldest brothers are married and living by themselves now. 12 of her sisters are also married out. The only ones that are still living in the Tao household are her other 10 older brothers, two of them are immortal practitioners, her 4 other younger brother who is still in school learning how to read and write, 16 of her older sisters are still here along with 3 younger girls. Wait, 1 of her older sister is also an immortal too. Both her two older brothers and sister are students of Tuanfeng [摶風, meaning to rise very quickly] Sect, the largest immortal sect in Southern Wuzhi.


This girl has a pretty bright personality compare to Tao Jinghua since she likes to play around like a kid a lot. So why does she hide her face? Even her own fiancée doesn’t know how she looks like fully. No, it wasn’t just her fiancée that doesn’t know how she truly looks like, even her own mother and father doesn’t know how she looks like fully since she always has her bangs covering her eyes and half her face.


It’s not like she was afraid either. So what is with this girl’s personality of liking to hide her face? Well, whatever. Since Tao Jinghua is now living as her, she should continue hiding her face. Although there will be people who are suspicious about her since her expression can no longer smile like before. Oh well… Whatever.


After all, this is just a small town in this world, being too beautiful yet having no power to back her up will lead to her misfortune instead of helping it. Clearly, the former Tao Jinghua also noticed that too, which is why she likes to hide her face.


Besides, this girl spends nearly all her times in the stone hearths room, creating ceramics for the family, which explains why nearly no one in the family notice how she looks like fully. Even when the New Year’s events happens, she would rather stay in her room reading about how her brothers and sisters are doing in the sect than going outside to have fun.


The only time that she would go out is when her soon to be father-in-law and mother in law come visiting with her fiancée. Mainly because she is the Principle Fiancée so whenever he want to have another concubine, he must let her know and have her knowledge it. This is a law that the Kingdom created long ago to make sure that the husband doesn’t bully his wife by marrying a bunch of other wives. This law is the reason why the Tao family is so large yet doesn’t have internal struggles between all the wives for favorite of the husband. It is the reason why Wuzhi Kingdom is the most peaceful one out of all the other nine Kingdom.


Chapter One

Book 1 Chapter 1: The 25th Century Deadliest Assassin

By: Lunnear

Completed Edit: November 9, 2016


December 31, 2179, A.D, Shanghai, China
Towards the end of the 21st century, Earth’s population underwent a tremendous change. Due to the flourishing economy and new discoveries in renewable energy, mining, farming and genetics; humans had longer, healthier and easier lives. Though, increasing the human population like crock coaches and mice.

The population doubled and, by now, numbered 16 billion people. In fact, that number was soon going to reaching 17 billion. To make sure that everyone have a place to stay, new cities were built, floating in the air and on top of the sea. In China, the major cities had their own floating counterparts, gigantic structures that hover in the skies above them, making the sight look like it come straight out from fantasy. These huge habitats could house up to seven million citizens on their own with no problem. Although, most of them are institute city, such as college based cities and private Military Island.

Advancements in renewable energy using seawater has heals the world and restored the atmosphere into a more blushful world. The clean edge technology had encouraged plant growth rate, turning the world lush and green, which results in the air more pure. Each floating city was at least 3,000 miles square wide and was able to house up to seven millions of people at the least when it comes to housing. Because of the new discovery of using sea water as energy, the earth’s atmosphere undergo a change that is noticeable in a mere 50 years. Greens started to spread everywhere due to the air, which results in plenty of trees growing taller than a hundred years ago. Trees grew taller and stronger, the air became purer and the environment began to balance itself like how it was back around the 17th Century, when majority of places have forests in each biomes.

In one of these floating city, the Tiankong Beijing Floating city, a big accident was currently happening. Hundreds of airship were leaving the floating city in a panic. In the middle of a large scientist lab that has thousands of different kinds of tools and machine, a girl with bright green eyes, long black hair, and white porcelain skins and have the body of an hour- glass was walking calmly to a monitor.

On the left side of her ears was a headset that is showing her a map of the building that she is in. On her hands was two long, over a meter long, swords. This girl was wearing nothing but a pure white wedding dress that fit tightly into her body, showing her legs and the white high heel that she is wearing. The white wedding dress was rather simple yet elegant, making the girl look like an angel descended from heaven. However, this angel isn’t a heaven angel but rather a hell angel in white.

As new energy got developed alongside with everything else, Martial Arts also got stronger as the air get purer, resulting in China gaining another additional patch of masters of Martial Artist. Unknowingly, Tao Jinghua is one of the top three Grandmaster of Martial Arts. She doesn’t have a specialty but that is why the assassin known as Airless Grandmaster is the most feared individual in the current time.

Even when the girl is wearing a high heel, surprisingly, she made no sounds whatsoever when she walks into the room with huge monitors on the walls. Naturally, that was the control room for the Floating City. Each control room is hidden very secretive however, it was very easy for someone like this girl to find it.

“Mei-Mei, what is the current status?” The voice from the girl in the wedding dress was clear and calm. Naturally, this girl is Tao Jinghua. The deadliest assassin of all times in the 25th Century. Today was her wedding day, however, to her surprise, the city started to shakes and warning alerts sounded throughout the whole city. She soon to be husband was killed when he pushed her out of the way from a falling pole right outside the wedding hall. He wasn’t the only one that got killed from it.

While everyone else was fleeing all over the place towards the airship, Tao Jinghua instead sighed out loud and take out her cell phone and called her trustee-partner.

“Air Mei, about 80% of everybody is now aboard already. In about 10 minutes, another wave of airship will get there. You have another 2 hours left until the city exploded.” A pissed off voice answered from the other end. Naturally, the voice belongs to a girl whom Tao Jinghua called Mei Mei. Air Mei was Tao Jinghua’s code name while Mei Mei was the codename of the other girl. They are partner in crime and closer than sister could ever be. If Jinghua didn’t know any better, she would have thought that Mei Mei was in love with her. Too bad, Jinghua knew that Mei Mei was in love with someone else and was going to marry him in a couple of months away from her own wedding, which haven’t take place, yet.


So, officially, she is still a single woman!

“Did you find out what is the cause?” Tao Jinghua asked calmly as she started to search the system for the cause of this calamity. Red alerts and bashing yellows letters were all over the computer monitor but it wasn’t what she was looking for.

“Yeah. I found the cause. Those stupid pig heads accidentally knock over dead’s door by accidentally infusing the hydro system with a virus and something else. What is this thing? A freaking damn hacking code?! No, wait. That’s a crack code! Stupid son-of-bitches! So this is what is causing the underground systems to be unstable. What of your end? You found everything?” Asked from the other end, as she continue to swear to no end, softly.

“Yes, I found the system’s files. I am now forwarding it to you. Is Shinny there with you?” Tao Jinghua asked with a small smile on her face as she listen to the continue cussing from her partner. The words from the girl’s mouth would have put the most shameless person into red but Jinghua was used to it.

“Yes, the boss is here. He is very pissed right now so he doesn’t want to talk to you.” Mei Mei chuckled at the end.

“It can’t be helped. I am quitting so naturally he will be very mad at me. Not to mention, I rejected his proposal too. I did tell him that I will still help him when a mission of rank SSS are available but he still wasn’t happy with it.” Tao Jinghua replies with a calm voice. The room shakes a couple of times as she pushed a couple of buttons on the keyboard before the monitor shut down.

“Airless Mei, you do know that our organization doesn’t like it when one of our members quit. They know too much that will causes a lot of trouble in the future. All the Elder agree only because they are scared of you.” Naturally, all the elders will be scared of Tao Jinghua since she is the strongest, fastest, and deadliest of an assassin that their organization, The Silence Walkers, had ever created. Still, as much as they feared her, they also wishes that she could at least be happy in her life, after that situation. So, no matter how much they wishes to bind her to the organization, they knew that this was the least that they could had done for her. It was let her go to experiences what a normal housewife life is like. They feared her but most of all, they near worship her as their goddess. The Goddess of Assassin.

Tao Jinghua was an orphan who was born blind. However, when she was only 5 years old, an accident happen at the orphan that she was staying at. The orphanage was targeted by a group of terrorist. She was born blind but her she doesn’t look like she was blind. As a result, one of the men grabs her to use as his hostage and injuries her eyes. Even though she cannot see, when her eyes are hurt that badly, naturally she will feel the pain.

Tao Jinghua had always been a calm girl even when her eyes are hurt. She didn’t make a sound because she knew that crying will only get her kill faster. However, because she made no sounds at all when her eyes are injuries, one of the men have the brightest idea of changing the hostage to another kid who will get scared easily.

That was her last straw. Tao Jinghua has no family but the orphan kids were her brothers and sisters. The Headmistress was her mother, the old man who like the headmistress was her father. She was happy there with everyone. However, suddenly someone is threatening their lives?

The next thing that Tao Jinghua know, she had already grab the men’s knife and cut his throat open. The scene that followed, Tao Jinghua remember everything clearly even though she cannot see the scene. Her hearing was more than enough to make up for it.

Because of her surprise attack, the other three man didn’t have enough time to get over their shock, so Tao Jinghua killed two more men in a flash. Tao Jinghua had always been the quietest one, the smartest one, the most intelligent one out of all the kids at the orphan. She cannot see but she learned how to read and write when she was only 3 years old. By the age of 5, there were no Chinese characters that she doesn’t know. All the books in the orphan’s library were read by her.

If you think that being blind made Tao Jinghua into a shut-in then you are mistaken. Tao Jinghua is blind so she doesn’t play with all the other kids like normal. However, she’s very athletic for her age. Her running speeds allow made the terrorist blinked in surprise.

Maybe it was because she was blind that she can sense a lot more things than normal people.

By the time that the last terrorist come to his sense, all his comrades were already dead. In his panic, he accidentally pulls the triggered on his hydro gun and blasts a hole through the corpse of his former companions.

The triggered off the hydro gun caused Tao Jing Hua’s hearing to suffer. However, luckily, that group of a terrorist was being chased by an assassin group. The assassin caught up to the terrorists just in time to prevent him from killing Tao Jinghua.

From then on, Tao Jinghua had been living with the Assassin group. That group is The Silence Walker. Since she was always been blind, she doesn’t really care if they help her eyes but the Young Master, who at that time was already 18 years old and had already earned his nickname of Shinny, force her to healed her eyes.

Back then, she was only 5 years old but now she is 25 years old. When Shinny is 15, he earned his nickname but Tao Jinghua earned her nickname when she was only 13 years old. Now, Shinny is the Boss of the Silence Walker and she is their top #1 assassin.

However, Tao Jinghua grows bored of a life of killing so she wanted to quit and get marry. She didn’t earn her nickname Airless by being a normal assassin.

And just when she finally get to married, her soon to be husband died right in front of her and the very city that she was born on is collapsing.

Tao Jinghua sighed out loud as she walks out of the lab and the airship’s platform. All that around her was chaos all over however, Tao Jinghua was strangely calm. She didn’t feel panic nor worried that she will die. On her way toward the Airship, she picks up a baby around 3 to 4 months old whose mother was dead. A couple minutes later, she also helps a small child of 3 years old who was shaking her dead mother, trying to wake her up.

“Alright, Mei Mei, I will talk to you later when I am home.” Tao Jinghua said as she click on a button on the headset and the line went dead.

She didn’t care if all the human in the world all die but seeing a child crying for their mother made her instinct as a woman awake so she helps any kids that she came across with. By the time that Tao Jinghua made it to the airship, there were more than 40 children following her. Some were still sniffing while other were shaking in fears.

“Miss! Please hurry!” One of the public workers saw the children behind Tao Jinghua, who is still in her wedding dress, and come running toward her to help her with the children. One by one, all the children get in the airship, including the baby in her arms.

The man that went to help the kids and the girl in the wedding dress look at the girl in a bewildered way. He doesn’t understand why the girl was so calm. Her expression doesn’t change even after he takes the baby in her arms away. She didn’t come into the airship either. Instead, he watch as the girl in the wedding dress turned toward a direction and narrowed her eyes before she vanished.

“!” A martial Artist! No wonder the girl didn’t panic when all this chaos was going on. The man thought as he got into the airship with the baby in his arms.

Tao Jinghua looks at the temple in front of her with a narrowed eye. In her profession, naturally, she knew what this temple of Taoist believer is.

Spreading her senses around the whole Temple, Tao Jinghua sensed that there were still another couple of people who is still alive. Narrowing her beautiful green eyes, Tao Jinghua vanished and reappeared inside the temple. She looks around as her eyes were met with an elderly man who was struggling to get up since the concrete pole fell on top of him. Strangely enough, there was no blood on him.

Tao Jinghua walks over to the man and pushed the concrete pole with nothing but a small push, and the concrete pole was smashed into the wall with a bang.

The elderly man looks at Tao Jinghua with a surprised look in his for a split seconds before he calmed down. Tao Jinghua helps the man up.

“Can you walk okay?” She asked quietly with no emotion in her eyes.

“Yes, I can, Miss Airless.” He answered calmly. Of course, he would know who Tao Jinghua is.

Tao Jinghua didn’t care either way. She let go of the elderly man’s hands and walk toward another elder who was still knock out. Tao Jinghua hit an acupuncture point in the man’s neck, making him wakes up nearly instantly, all the while gasping for breath.

She continued to wake the other two elderly man up before opening the door for them, which was jammed shut by a fallen stone pillars.

“This way,” Tao Jinghua said as she held the door for the elderly men until the very last one. Outside of the building that they come out of, a large ginkgo tree that acquires at least ten full adults to link arms to fully embrace it was lying in front of them.

“Let’s hurry. There aren’t much of time left.” Just as Tao Jinghua said that, the whole city shakes as if a great earthquake was occurring. The building behind them collapses with a bang as the other building started to shakes like there is no tomorrow left for them. Debris of wood, concrete and small stones flies all over the places. Some nearly smashed into Jinghua haven’t her moved away.

“!!!” All the elderly men’s face pale in fright as they nodded and start running toward where the airship are located. Tao Jinghua looks at the panicking elderly man and signed in her heart. To think that the 6 Great Elder of the Taoist Temple panics this easily. They still have a long way to go in their belief, she thought to herself as she taking out her two long swords- a mixed of Chinese Dao Sword and Japanese Katana, going by the name brand of Star Sword- and start to hacks the fallen debris of concretes from the fallen buildings.

Just as she slashed a large chunk of fallen concrete away from the Elderly Taoist, Tao Jinghua accidentally kicked a black pearl under her feet, causing it to bounce on her sword and rebound it toward her face. Seeing the small pearl being bounced back toward her face, Tao Jinghua calmly used her other hand to grab it.

However, what caused Tao Jinghua to be surprised was that the pearl just passed right through her hand like it has no physical form from the beginning. She didn’t even feel any pain nor discomfort when it passed through. Yet, strange enough, she could feel and senses that this pearl have physical form. What is this? A ghost pearl?

“What-” Just as she was about to asked herself, her mouth just happen to open a bit, causing the pearl to get inside her mouth and passed right through her throat like it have its own conscious.

“!!!” Feeling the pearl traveling down her throat, Tao Jinghua simultaneously control her throat muscles to stop the descending of the pearl. However, it was like the pearl is a ghost that doesn’t have a physical body as it travels down into her lung without a care.

The head Elder Taoist just happen to turned back to see an image that will shock him for the rest of his life, making him unable to forget about it even if he hit his head until he has amnesia.

He watched as the girl that everyone in the underworld and the Day world fear suddenly closed her eyes as her body fall to the ground. And then suddenly there was dark air of mist suddenly started to form around her body.

“!!!” His eyes widen in fear as the dark air started to shield the girl’s body, until it all vanished leaving only the two swords, a black and red design pistol, and her headset on the ground.


The Head Priest’s whole body shivered as he fainted.