The Story of Chu Meng Yi, Book One Chapter 1

Book One Chapter 1: Chu Meng Yi [储朦医]


Chu Meng Yi was an ordinary, everyday, person.

There is nothing special about him that his parents or siblings could tell. He does not have a high or low IQ or EQ. He’s just your average person that you can find anywhere on modern Earth.

True, he does have his own personality that is a tad bit weird in other people’s opinion. But, nonetheless, Chu Meng Yi was normal. He doesn’t have a superpower or does he see a ghost of the departed. Just normal.

Chu Meng Yi is a writer. An author, you can say. He likes to write about a lot of genres. Fantasy, supernatural, romance, action, sports, eSports, tragedy, comedy, thriller, mysterious, etc. He could write anything. Well, let me rephrase that. He could write about anything with the exceptions of himself.

Chu Meng Yi cannot write stories about himself. He cannot use himself as a reference. Period.

Chu Meng Yi was 28 years old this. He does not have a girlfriend or boyfriend. His family consists of his mother, father, two younger brother, one little sister, and his grandparents, who are oddly enough, still pretty young looking for their age. He graduated from a two-year college majoring in Human Services. All of his grades were either B or A. His GPA was 2.9 ever since he started high school so it doesn’t change even in college. His friends consist of both females and males.

If you ask any of Chu Meng Yi’s friend what they thought about him. There’s only one answer: Weird.

No, they don’t hate him. In fact, a lot of them look up to him. They called him weird not because they think that he’s a Geek nor was it because of his personality. So, why would they think that Chu Meng Yi is weird?

That would be because of his actions. It got nothing to do with his personality.

Chu Meng Yi’s personality was pretty much the average of what a human being defined as a person. He was a bit reserved, quiet, calm, but a cry-baby when he’s truly sad. He doesn’t talk about people who he never meets, face to face. He doesn’t care if you are gay or not. He’s not religious but he doesn’t deny the existence of God or Demon. In another word, Chu Meng Yi was a very open-minded man. He does not limit his vision to one direction but rather, multiple directions. He has to be to be able to write as well as he wanted.

These viewpoints of his had caused his friends to think that his weird. Yet, they all knew it instinctively that Chu Meng Yi was the kind of person that wouldn’t change even if the world collapse. He’s very adaptable but he won’t change. Being adaptable does not mean that you will have to change along with everything or everyone else. So, yes, he is kind of weird. Not following stereotypes were okay since not everyone does it anyway but seriously? Going in all directions of views does not make sense at all.

And so, Chu Meng Yi has a lot of different kind of friends. Policemen and policewomen, yakuza/mafia/underworld friends, Governor friends, internet friends, etc. etc. All kind of friends. Even cats and dogs. So, he was weird.

So, when he died at the age of 28 years old. You can imagine what kind of people come to the funerals.

His fans, yes, fans, also comes. When they found out that the author who writes “One Hundred Years of Love” and “The School’s President’s Wife is a Male” along with a lot other first-rate novels, died, millions of people worldwide comes to the funeral. Yes, he wrote BL novels too. Under one of his many nicknames, author’s name, he wrote about 20 novels for BL.

In the end, the Chu family didn’t even get to pay for the funeral due to all the donations and who knows what else from the fans and friends. Not to mention, Chu Meng Yi himself left a lot of money for the family.

“Meng’s mom, I am Yang Feng. Chu Meng Yi’s manager at his part-time job. I am so sorry for your lose,” A man in his 40s with glasses and a black suit said as he passed a white envelope to Madame Chu.

Madame Chu, or Chu Meng Yi’s mother, was a woman in her mid-30s, who got the face of a girl in her 20s. She had Chu Meng Yi when she was only 15, due to an emergency. She was a tall woman with long black hair that weaved into a braid and tied into a bun. She wore a black suit with a red rose pinned to her chest. In another word, Madame Chu was the split images of her eldest son, only with more feminine. No, his the split image of his mother. The same large eyes, full lips, red cheeks, and flawless skin that make even actress and supermodel jealous. The only thing that’s different between Madame Chu and her son Chu Meng Yi was the difference in their personality.

Madame Chu is a very cold woman. She loves her family with a very scary passion but to an outsider, she’s very cold.

Which was why Yang Feng, the manager of the former Chu Meng Yi, is trying his best to not pissed his pant right now. Unlike her son, she’s one scary mother.

The Chu family is weird. Manager Yang Feng concluded after seeing that none of the family cry over the death of their oldest son. In fact, only the youngest daughter was the only one that looks like she’s going to cry. All other looks pretty much with a perfect poker face on.

It seems like Meng Yi is the odd one of the family. Yang Feng concluded after seeing the whole family together. After all, Chu Meng Yi was like a sun. Unable to hide his brightness even in the darkest of the night with that indifference face of his. There’s no such thing as a poker-face when it comes to Chu Meng Yi. He can’t hide shit, anyway. It was so easy to read Chu Meng Yi, like an opening book, even if the majority of the time, he had an indifference face on. However, all of his family members are all professional poker-face…

“Thank you for coming,” Madame Chu politely greeted the manager before leading him toward the guest’s area.

The Chu family aren’t rich but they aren’t poor either. Their house has a large garden that was formed after the house next door got burned down. The Madame Chu didn’t even know when her oldest son had bought the land and formed it into a garden. She had been working all the time, leaving her oldest son to take care of everything in the house. She didn’t even know how was it possible for Meng Yi’er to writes his story, work a part-time job at an IT company, and look after his siblings at the same time. Her husband and she were never home much. She works as a secretary for a middle size company’s president while her husband is overseas as a scientist. Her second oldest son works as a teacher assistant for [A] University so his rarely home, either. Everything in the house, from cooking to cleaning was Meng Yi’s job.

“Thank you for coming,” Another voice called out, totally toneless.

“Yang’er, show Mister Yang Feng to the prayer room,” Madame Chu ordered a boy in his twenty. The man looks very similar to Madame Chu and Chu Meng Yi, so it wasn’t hard for Yang Feng to conclude that his one of Chu Meng Yi’s younger brother. Still, is this a trait in the family? Everyone look far too young. He knew that Chu Meng Yi’s brother should be around 24-26 this year but the boy looks like a 17 years old teen, instead. And the mother shouldn’t be looking that young either. She’s already in her mid-40s, right? Although, she looks like his sister instead of his mother. This family is weird.

“Please follow me,” The boy tonelessly said as he politely shows Yang Feng to the prayer room.

The prayer room was very huge. It looks like the transfer the dining room into the prayer room.

Yang Feng is kind of confused. Chinese tradition funeral rituals are very complex but with the way that the Chu family did Chu Meng Yi’s funeral, it looks far too simpler. In fact, it’s more like Japanese funeral rather than Chinese Funeral.

“Big brother had said that if he died, he wants a Japanese funeral,” A voice enter Yang Feng’s ears, causing him to nearly slip and smack his face into the floor.

“W-what?” Yang Feng was shocked. Did he just read my thought? Yang Feng sweats at the thought.

“No, I didn’t. Everyone so far asked the same question when they saw the ritual.” Chu Yangle answered tonelessly, causing Yang Feng to sweat drops. Ah, so true. This is so something that Chu Meng Yi would do…

As they talked about Chu Meng Yi, they didn’t notice that the man himself was watching them with a satisfied look in his eyes.

Chu Meng Yi, even as a ghost, was weird. He wasn’t wearing the clothes that he died in. No, he was wearing a traditional Han-garment, looking totally like a young master from the ancient time in the movies.

Chu Meng Yi looks at his sibling and smiles softly. Even as a ghost, his smiles are so bright that it caused the prayer room to brighten up. There was no one crying over him. Good.

Chu Meng Yi was satisfied with his life. He has no regrets nor was there anything left that he isn’t satisfied with.

Even when his young, Chu Meng Yi was slightly different from other children. He knew what responsibility meant, so everything that he did, he did it with a sense of self and essence. Even when he failed, he didn’t have any regrets over it because he knew that he tried his best plus another 50% more. He learned what he needs and what he wanted, even when it looks strange to people’s eyes. Even when his actions were borderline illegal, as long as it doesn’t kill anyone, Chu Meng Yi knows what he did and he takes responsibility for it. Of course, most of his action was very secretive. Not even his siblings know what he did.

Like that one time when a girl was stalking his younger brother, Chu Yangle. He didn’t call the police on her, no, he didn’t need to. All he has to do was called her parents with proof of her actions and warn them of their daughter’s action. It didn’t even take a week later when the whole family moved away. Far away.

After that time, Chu Meng Yi makes all of his siblings take martial arts as a form of protection. Since then, there hasn’t been a situation where it required Chu Meng Yi to acts again. There are similar situations involving his friends’ siblings, but it didn’t escalate to the point that it would involve the police.

None of his siblings are stupid. He didn’t bring them up to be stupid. Although, their poker-face was more from their parents than from his teaching…

Chu Meng Yi closed his eyes as he feels his whole senses lighten up. It’s time to move on.
Hm? Where is this place? Chu Meng Yi blinked his eyes in confusion.

Chu Meng Yi was inside a huge hall with no ending in sight fill with all kind of doors. All of those doors were open, with stars and galaxy twisting inside them. Curiosity hit Chu Meng Yi like a brick of concrete…

Oh no, if one of his brothers seen him right now, he would totally wince as he massages his head in a headache. Why? Because Chu Meng Yi’s bad habits are coming.

His curiosity… His fucking damn curiosity. Which caused him to learn all kind of things. Somes are useful, some aren’t. Most of them aren’t useful because he didn’t need them in real life.

Like how to create his own television device. Or making his own component for his computer device…. from the scratch.

Why do you think that Chu Meng Yi knows so many people?

Of course because of his freaking damn curiosity, If not because of his personality, by now he would be dead. Wait… his already dead.

Chu Meng Yi starts counting the number of doors as he passed by…

“Wow, don’t tell me that these doors lead to another dimension or something… Alright. Let’s be careful…” He warned himself. No matter how much he wanted to touch the door, he knew it instinctively that he shouldn’t, so he didn’t.

Chu Meng Yi didn’t know how long it takes for him to reach the last door, nor does he care.

He only knows that his very excited,

“Wow, that’s the last door, right? That’s a million doors, already…. never mind. It seems to be infinity… Let’s go back to the first doors, it looks more interesting…” Chu Meng Yi’s face couldn’t get anymore brighter at the numbers of doors that he found. The variety of galaxies that he seen inside those doors are so interesting that it caused his hand to twitched in both alerts and intrigued. He wants to touch them but he won’t. He will not. At least, not yet.

While Chu Meng Yi was happily counting the number of doors there is inside the hall, a person, no, not a person, a being with long dark hair and pitch black eyes tilt his head as he watches the smiling human run back to the first door.

He was very surprised. At what? At the fact that this human can withstand the aura inside the hall and even be able to count the number of doors up to a million. This was his first time seeing a human inside this divine realm that was able to count up to that many doors. Usually, when a human soul reaches the number ten, their souls would be sucked inside that ten doors and live inside it until they died and come back here, to go to the nine door, then eight doors, and until it reaches the first door, their memories aren’t erased. Yet, there’s a human here who could count to all the way to a million.

The being smiled at the interesting human. Maybe he should go called his Master to see this interesting human. It had been more than a billion years already since the last time that a soul interests him enough to call for his Master.

The being’s eyes glint with a happy delight shine before he softly blows one of his breath to slow down the interesting human.

Just as the being vanished, Chu Meng Yi stopped on his track and smile. “So, he left to call the real master of this place… Interesting.” Chu Meng Yi chuckled as he continues running back toward the first door with a large smile on his face.

If Chu Meng Yi had known that it would bring so much troublesome for him, he wouldn’t wait and just throw himself into one of those doors. Had he know that he would gain a stalker, he wouldn’t be so carefree…


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