Prologue: Dead yet Alive- what am I?!

Prologue: Dead yet Alive- what am I?!

Somewhere in South Korea, a large mansion that extended to more than ten yards on the grounds was in the middle of the ocean of red fires, in the middle of the night. Screaming, crying, and shouting could be heard for miles into the forest surrounding the mansion. Inside the mansion, a couple was holding on to two teens as they ran down the hallway toward the stairs. 
In the man’s arms was a girl who should have been 15 years old this year yet, strangely enough, the girl look like she’s 9 years old instead. While the woman was holding a teenage boy with long dark green hair boy that have blood trailing down on his arms and head. The boy wasn’t as tall as the woman but he wasn’t weightless either. Yet, the woman could carry the boy with little problem speak of her strengths.

“Yuna! Be careful!” The man shouted as he used his back to withstand the falling woods before it could hit his family.

“Shunichi! Are you okay?” Asked the woman called Yuna, a Korean woman whose beauty is on another whole new level. Beautiful enough that it made models and actresses look like figure stick.

“I’m okay. Let’s go,” Says the man as he shielded his wife and children down the stairs to the main lobby floor, where the doors to outside located.
As the made it through the smokes of fires, the man pushed the wife outside first to shield her. As they walked a couple feet away from the burning mansion, the boy’s on the wife’s arms begin to stirs awake with a moan of pain.

“Shin-chan? You okay?” Asked the mother in a tired and worried voice. She wasn’t really worried that the boy might die but rather that his head might hurt too much from inhaling the spokes.

“Okaa-san?” Asked Shinichi as his vision started to come to him in a haze of blurry and stars.

“Shinichi, how are you feeling?” Asked the father with a little smile on his smeared face.

“Otou-san, where’s Yuki?” The first thought that enters his mind was his little sister, whom he remembered was shield underneath his body when the ceiling collapse.

“Yuki’s fine. She’s unconscious right now but there are no injuries on her that I notice of. She should be waking up soon.” Answered Shunichi as he checks his baby girl’s head, arms, and back for any noticeable injuries. Finding none, he relaxes a bit.

“That’s good-Mom!” Before Shinichi could even finish saying his worried, at the corner of his eyes, he saw a pipe of metal flying thru the air straight at his mother. The air pressure along from the pipe was enough for alerts to rings in Shinichi’s ears.

Without thinking, Shinichi pushed his mother’s body away with a rushed of newly found energy just when the pipe piece right thru his abdominal, straight to his back.

“Grr!-” Shinichi groaned as a sharp pain costs his eyes too blurred for a second. Shinichi could have sworn that he saw a figure on top of the building for a split second, looking completely frightened as his eyes meet with him. 

“Shinichi!” both Yuna and Shunichi called out. Shinichi eyes look back toward the top of the building, only to see nothing but a bending metal pole being struck by lightning.

“Shinichi! Shinichi! Shinichi! You- oh please no no no no!” Yuna hysterically yelled as she pushed her body toward her only son with tears in her eyes.

“Shinichi-” Shunichi watch as blood spills from Shinichi’s stomach, making his long dark green hairs stains. The smell of the blood wasn’t lost to him as the smokes from the building built even more higher. 

“Hmm…” A small sound came from the girl in Shunichi’s arm as she slowly stirred awake.

“Onii-chan?” Asked a small child-like voice full of worried and shock as her eyes land on her twin older brother, where a pipe the length of a baseball bat was piercing right through his stomach. The ends of the pipe were facing down with blood and something else that it made Yuki’s eyes blurred with tears. 

“Yu-*cough*cough*cough* ki- y-you’re okay?” asked Shinichi with a grimace on his face from the pain in his stomach.

Out of the family, Shinichi’s pain tolerance was high but with a metal pipe stuck in him, it wasn’t something that he could endure for long. No matter how strong he is, something like a metal pipe on his stomach along with inhaling a bunch of smoke had already long ago made his body weak.

“Shinichi- don’t talk! Save your strength!” Shunichi yelled as he tried to stop Shinichi from moving while trying to press the wound on Shinichi’s back and stomach to stop the bleed.

“O-onii-chan… *crying*” Yuki wanted to cry out loud as she watch her older twin brother grimace in pain but held herself in as she moved toward her brother, however, before she could reach him, from the corner of her eyes, she could see a large wood plank that’s on fire flying toward from her mother and brothers direction.

In a panic, she rushed in a bust of new found strength and pushed both her mother and brother away just as her father used his body to shield her.

Wrack! The sound vibrates across the surround as cracking sounds could be heard from the building mansion.

“Shun?” Yuna whispered as suddenly an explosion behind them exploded.

“Mom!” Shinichi yelled as he used all the remaining energy that he has to shield his mother just as glasses went flying through the air.

Nothing. Shinichi have a small smile on his face as he feels that his mother is safe underneath arms, where the metal pipe on his stomach doesn’t reach her. With that, though, Shinichi’s conscience started to blur.

The last thing on his mind was a name… Ryo-chan….
___Five Months later___

It has been more than three months since Shinichi woke up in a hospital with all his memories still intake only to find out that his mother, father, and little sister has long died while he was in a comatose state.

The doctor says that it was a miracle that Shinichi is still alive by the time that they got to the mansion. Out of 149 people staying at that hotel, only him and two other elder couple survived because they weren’t there when the mansion got burned down.

With a metal pipe sticking in his stomach and losing blood for so long that they were sure that he died but surprisingly, they save him on time. His mother, Yuna Kim, was dead already when they got there because of heart attack, his sister died an instant death from the stray flying woods and glasses. 

He’s father last until the elder couple got to them when they came back from fishing but soon died after having them called the police and emergency room for the 10 times. He didn’t make it.

By the time that the police and fire department made it to the mansion, nothing were left. The people that was sleeping when the fire broke out was all burnt to dead, with the exception of Shinichi, Yuna, Shunichi, and Yuki, there was no one else that survived the fire. Or so say the elder couple that came to visits him at the hospital says. They cry and told him that their grandson had also perished in that fire. The couple was Korean so they didn’t know that in their grief of trying to console themselves, they mistakenly said that out loud, causing Shinichi’s surprisingly sensitive hearing to caught everything.

Just a couple of says ago, the police came to talk to him about the fire and the causes of the fire. Turn out that the cause was because of the gas leak. Shinichi knew it was the gas because he smells them before waking up his sister when it happened. Only 3 people out of the 149 people in that hotel survived. The workers who had night shift didn’t survive either.

Shinichi cried and cried as the policeman- the superintendent himself- tell him everything. How the fires first started, what happens to the safety alerts, how are a miracle that Shinichi is alive after all this.

After the police left, Shinichi was in a daze for a full three day.

That’s three days ago.

And now, Shinichi just can’t seem to find the reason to breathe anymore. Even his little sickly sister is gone. What is there left?

In his grief, Shinichi had forgotten that there is still someone waiting for him.

He’s only in his first year of high school, yet here he is, in the hospital special rehab department, trying to get his strength back. But he doesn’t want his strength back!

He wants his sister, his mother, and his father back instead!

That night, Shinichi tried to kill himself. Tried is the key word here.

However, Shinichi saw- found- something that shocks him.

The wounds that Shinichi infect on himself was slowly healing. And his reflection on the knife wasn’t who he was anymore.

His eyes were different color. His hair was also different.

His hair is no longer dark green but White.


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