Chapter Three: Ryoma and Shinichi

Chapter Three: Ryoma and Shinichi

Sanada Ryoma can’t sleep. He just can’t. There is no reason other than the return of his Shinichi. Ryoma wonder, a lot of times actually.

Ryoma wonders if Shinichi even remembers his promised to him when they were a kid. That one promise was Ryoma’s everything. He refused to think that Shinichi had forgotten it.

He had waited and waited for when they would turn 18 so he could marry Shinichi properly. Or more like, wait for when Shinichi turn 18 since Ryoma himself is 18 already as his birthday was September 18.
So when Shinichi suddenly didn’t contact him for more than a week later, which was the longest time that they didn’t talk or chat, Ryoma got worried. Really worried. Really Really-super really- worried. So to keep himself occupied, he tries to level up his character online, Rainouji. Is read Rain-ouji, because Shinichi likes to play in the rain like a fairy.
Ryoma knew that Shinichi was in South Korea with his beautiful mother, Yuna(Yuina) and his strong dad Shunichi-san but for some reason, Ryoma just can’t stay still. Every blood in his body stirred in a way that made him remembered that one memory from the past that turned his blood cold.
There’s something in the air that’s making Ryoma… unable to even have a peace of mind. He tried to call Ryoma a couple of times per day on their usual time for calling, which was after dinner and before Ryoma left for practice at the dojo. Then days turned into weeks and Ryoma was losing a lot of sleep due to worries. Still, Ryoma keeps calling Shinichi, even in the middle of the night, but there was no answer let alone replies from his text messages or voice mail.
It was when school started that Shinichi and Yuki didn’t return that he got really worried and he told his father. His father tried to call Shunichi-san but there was no reply. Then Ryoma started to panic in a way that made everyone around him suffered with either worries or nightmare. The annoying type of nightmare.
Just a sudden as when Shinichi stopped calling him, a couple of months later, a lawyer came with bad news to his father and he just happened to be in front of the door, listening to the worst nightmare of his life taking place.
It was the news of the deaths of the Aikawa family, leaving only Shinichi as the only survival. Ryoma didn’t know whether or not this is a joke so he stormed into their conversation, by then, his father was in tears. His father, Sousuke Sanada who had never cried before in his whole life, cried. It was then that Ryoma knew that it wasn’t a joke.
Ryoma did the only thing that he could then.
He ran. Like Madman possessed. There is no way that’s true! His Shin-chan isn’t dead, he knew it! His very being is telling him that Shinichi isn’t dead!
He ran. He ran to Shinichi’s house and ring the doorbell for hours. But there was no answer from Shin-chan nor from the weakly Yuki. Ryoma stood in front of the Aikawa house for hours until it rained and his father came pick him up. Ryoma didn’t know, he didn’t know that he was crying silently as he waits in front of the door. He didn’t even remember that Shinichi had long ago give him a spare key to his house. In his panic, he was just an idiot. A lovely idiot who’s everything is Shinichi himself.
By the times that Sousuke, Ryoma’s father, got there. He had fainted from emotional overload. Something that had never happen to him before, even when he nearly kill someone.
He was sleeping(fainted) like a little baby in front of Shinichi’s house so he didn’t know that his father got him home but by the time he woke up, three days has passed by. It seems like he really got pneumonia from falling asleep in the rain. Still, Ryoma clearly remembers everything that happened. Beside the fainting part.
That’s why, now in his dorm room, Ryoma is so scared and so very afraid that if he’ll fall asleep now and wakes up tomorrow, everything that happens would be a dream. So he refused to fall asleep, even if his body demanded it.
To counter the sleepiness in his eyes, Ryoma’s mind took him back to when everything changed. Back when Shunichi Aikawa and Yuina were still alive. Back when Shinichi first join the dojo for the first time even when he have three other teacher who teaches him martial arts that had nothing to do with swords like his grandpa’s dojo, which mainly focuses on swordsmanship. Any kind of swordsmanship.
11 years ago. Midsummer, at the Sanada Main Dojo.
“Shinichi, what do you want to be when you get older?” Ryoma nervously asked when they were doing their Kata. Shinichi was sweating with a face flushed of exhaustion from swinging a weapon that he never had used before. However, when Shinichi first joined them a couple of weeks ago, Ryoma didn’t know that Shinichi Aikawa is a newbie to swordsmanship and had shown the little green eyed-angel the way how to handle a wooden sword. He picks up way too fast as the results. Ryoma still thought that Shinichi had learned from his other three teachers that teach him martial arts. So he had taught Shinichi a far more advance technique that his father had taught him to Shinichi.
Shinichi stopped swinging his wooden tachi as he paused before smiling so bright that it caused Ryoma’s eyesight to be blinded with loves.
“I’m going to be your bride!” Shinichi smiles brightly as the sun shined in the background. Making the little green eyes beauty of a boy look like a golden angel that descends from heaven. Ryoma dropped his daito and kodachi both at the same time. That’s right, he’s a dual sword-user. His father is also a dual sword user to and damn, is he fast with two swords.
“S-shin-chan, you know that if you want to be my bride, you’ll have to talk to your papa and mama to engage me right?” Ryoma stuttered as his face flushed bright red. His heart was beating so fast that he had a hard time picking back up the daito and kodachi wooden swords.
“Ehhh??? That’s too much trouble!” Shinichi sadly pouted before suddenly brightened up with a really happy smile on his face.
“I know! Why don’t we have your grandpa and papa engage us now instead since my papa and mama aren’t home! And then we can call my mama and papa later when they’re back! Yuki would also be really happy too!” Shinichi replied happily.
“Ehh?” Ryoma didn’t know whether he was dreaming or disillusioning. The smiling angel in front of him still keeps swinging his kata for the 1999 times.
“~Ehhh?~ Shin-chan and Ryo-chan are getting married?” A childish voice called from behind Ryoma, along with a giggle that was far too amused for their own good.
“S-sei-chan! Hana-chan!” it was the Sakurai twins from Sakura Blossom class who happen to be the second dojo’s master’s children. Who’s also one of his father and Shinichi’s father’s best friend from childhood and school?
“Eh? Is not married but engage, Sei-chan, Hana-chan.” Shinichi rebuttal back with a pout on his face.
“Ehh? But if you’re engaged to Ryoma, I can’t be your bride anymore.” Answered Hanato with tears in his eyes. Seiichirou signed out loud at Hanato’s proclamation. Seiichirou can feel the emotions in the depth of his soul soared out with jealousy at that proclamation from Hanato. Hana is HIS! Not someone else!
“Hanato, you can’t be Shinichi’s bride anyway. After all, you’re my bride already.” Seiichirou sighed out loud as he shakes his head at Hanato, who pouted a little, before narrowing his eyes at Shinichi with a coldness that made Shinichi cried out frighteningly.
“Waaaaaaaa~!” Shinichi broke out crying as his eyes caught into Seiichirou’s eyes. Seiichirou
“S-shin-chan!” both Hanato and Ryoma shouted as tears fall from Shinichi’s green eyes, making a perfect scene of what a bully would do to a beautiful girl that he liked.
“What is going on?!” asked a voice that could only be identified as Ryoma’s grandpa because of how powerful it sounds.
“Grandpa!” Ryoma shrieked in fear as Shinichi just cried louder and more piecing.
“Why is Aikawa-kun crying?” asked Ryoma’s grandpa, Genpachi Sanada. This old man might be old but he’s one hell of a strong old man that it made the hair on the back of all present shivers and shudders.
“Grandpa!” Cried Shinichi as he ran to grandpa Genpachi and hug his leg all the while crying.
“Ma ma ma, don’t cry Ai-chan. Tell me what’s wrong?” All the Sanada’s love for Shinichi is really much, to the shock of everyone else. Since Shinichi’s father, Aikawa Shunichi, is a grandson to the Sanada, naturally, Genpachi Sanada is like Shinichi’s grandpa too. Not to mention, his only son Sousuke and Shunichi are best friends.
Beside, Shinichi is far too adorable, too cute, and far too naive for a boy his age that made him really protective of him as if Shinichi is his own grandson along with Ryoma.
“Not my fault.” Seiichirou pouted as he dragged Hanato to his side. Showing a possessiveness that makes Ryoma sighed out loud mentally and made Genpachi look at the twins in concern. After all, possessiveness is in the blood of the Sakurai. Seiichirou and Hanato’s mother and father were relatives who fell in love at the young age of 8 years old when they’d first met and had refused anyone else for their whole life until they’d married one another.
“Sei-chan… why did you glare at Shin-chan?” Hanato is confused as to why his brother, who’s always smile and calm got so mad at Shinichi. And why? Hanato had wondered. Ah, is it because Hanato had said that he can’t be Shin-chan’s bride? Hanato might be a bit of an idiot but that doesn’t mean that his dumb. Is totally different.
But.., Hanato wanted to be Shin-chan’s bride! Shin-chan is strong and cute and adorable and he knows how to cook delicious food! If Hanato married Shin-chan, then is it a guarantee that Hanato will get to eat a lot of delicious food!
Seiichirou who saw the look in Hanato’s eyes sighed out loud. He should have known that his Hanato would want to be Shinichi’s wife because of food. Right. FOOD. Hanato is a really big eater. Is a good thing that he can’t get fat. Otherwise, with Hanato’s bottomless pit of a stomach, he would have long ago turn into something completely inhuman like.
“Hana, what did you promised me just last week huh?!” Seiichirou is really pissed right now even if he looked really calm.
“Huh? Last week?” Hanato tilted his head as he tried to recalled what he promised. Ah! That’s right!
“Ahhh… sorry Sei-chan. I forget…” Hanato finally remembered his promise to his twin older brother.
“What was your promise to me last week?” Seiichirou wanted to have everyone know of his promise.
“That I will be your bride when we come of age,” Hanato said guiltily as he looked down on his feet.
“Eh? You can marry your own brother?” Shinichi asked confusingly as he sniffed and let Ryoma dried his tears for him.
It wasn’t a surprise that Shinichi would be shocked at the news because, Shinichi didn’t know that the government had long passed a Law that allows siblings to married each other, to preserve the bloodline in Japan, he’d just moved here a little while ago. One month to be exact. The law was created especially for the Royal families since they don’t want their bloodline to end with commoner’s blood. And because of that law, another law was made. Or more like, a program that was made to protect women and girls since the ratio for birth had been decreasing for a long while now. Now, the ratio for average birth is 1 girl in every 10 or so boys. It was a disaster.
The family who gives birth to more than 1 girls was giving a bodyguard and monthly money for foods from the government. It was that bad.
Wrong. It had long been bad. Things have changed ever since that meteor had hit earth and poison the air back in 2098. Ainsin Meteor. But that’s another story for another time.
It was to the point that government interferes with families that give birth to more than just one girl. That’s one of the reasons that girls haven’t gone extinct due to mishaps from society. To make up for the low ratio of girls, the government did a research about 100 years ago that give males the possibilities to give birth. It was called Project Birth. Back when the government announced that they will be conducting that experiment, the society gotten into a panic and boycott were everywhere.
It was a time of Chaos. You could say that this project was what most human called “Adam’s Sin.” However, their opinion soon changed.
The government made a shocking news worldwide. They’d let the truth out that girls birthrate will go into a red-zone in 20 years or so. Back then, that news alone made the society fear for their family members. Girls were forbidden to go outside without two or three bodyguards with them and richer families started to ‘buy’ girls from common families into their family. His family was different because his great-grandparents were already married and have three girls and ten boys. Yep, Ryoma’s family is really big. In term of ties. Now? There his grandparents, his parents, and him. So only 5 people, not including the maids and butlers.
And then, the United Kingdom made their first announcement that they’d succeed with their Birth Project. The news made other countries like China, Russia, and America gone into a state nearly lead to another World War 5. World War 3 was because of energy source which leads to food shortage, World War 4 was because of Territory for new islands. And the 5th will probably be because of Birth Rate. Which hasn’t happened yet? Good, don’t let it happen, please. He didn’t want his Shin-chan to be in the army or as a soldier.
When WW3 took place, about 19.49% of human was lost. That’s millions of billions of people. About 30% of humans immigrant to live in the sea in the man-made islands, which leads to an increase of resources from the sea. Lands that float on water. The Freedom Island, the Platform City, Future City, Sea City. Just to name a few cities out there in the ocean that flow with the sea by using water-plantation, which provides powers and fuels for the island, and dry-oz, a new type of concrete that have 35% air atoms, which was found after ten years after the Ainsin Meteor. The water plantation convert the ocean water using the water conversation from the sea: hot or cold didn’t matter since the engineering itself made it possible.
If you study history then you’ll notice that about 500s or so years ago, everything was rather peaceful yet crime rate was rather high. All because of lands. It was real… too complicate to explained.
There was no war that could cause the majority of the human into extinction as of yet. But now, the crime rate is so low that there’s only one jail in the whole country. Such as Japan. It only has one Jail now since there’s no need for more jail. Crime rate is low in Japan all due to Virtual Reality gaming. About 200 or so years ago, Virtual Reality Game became possible all due to the contribution of Japan, Korean, China, America, and United Kingdom’s ALL OUT Project. All crime rate decrease due to the increase of Virtual Reality Games. That’s a positive correlation relationship.
Anyway, Shinichi asked that questions because out of all the countries in the whole world, South Korea does NOT allow Family Marriages. That is until the new Prime Minister came in a couple of years ago. But by then, the Aikawa family was no longer in Korea. Still, his grandpa from Korea still has respect for their old laws and it affects Shinichi and Yuki in a way that made them aware that they are family and can never be anything other than siblings. Which is why Yuki is such a fangirl for the Japanese Yaoi Community that she nearly-just nearly- make Shinichi date boys. Not that he mind but too damn bad, he has his own type.
Which was a good thing for Ryoma, otherwise he would had a lot more rivals.
“Eh? Shinichi, in Japan, we can get marry to our own brothers or sisters to preserve the bloodline you know?” Hanato answered back as if it was the most logical thing in the world. Shinichi blinked a couple of times before smiling and nodding.
“Okay, I understand!” Shinichi replied back after he wiped off his tears with an adorable smile on his face.
“Anyway, Hana, you can’t be Shin-chan’s bride because you’re my bride and Shin-chan is Ryo-chan’s bride, Got it?” Seiichirou said with a tone that clearly said it is a fact and is not arguable.
“Okay, but Shin-chan you have to make lots of sweets for me okay?” Hana said as he grabbed Shinichi’s shoulder.
“Hmm!” Shinichi didn’t see why not? Since he has to cook for Yuki anyway, why not make sweets for Hana-chan too? Both Yuki and Hana-chan have a really sweet tooth!
“What is this all about you being Ryoma’s bride?” Grandpa Genpachi was confused at such talks since he had never heard of it before. He knew that his grandson like Shinichi but there was never any talk about it. Not that he mind. Actually, if Yuina-chan agrees to it, that would be great.
“I’m going to be Ryo-chan’s bride when I grow up! It is my dream!” Shinichi had said with a big smile on his face that made all the adults and children surrounding them gaps in awe. Ahhh so adorable~!
“Bride? You sure Aikawa-kun? Ryoma isn’t really strong you know?” Genpachi asked with an internal smirked at Ryoma, who just knew that his grandpa is making fun of him as he glared at the old man.
“Ehhh? But Ryo-chan will get stronger you know. Beside, Ryoma is going to be a King someday!” Shinichi yelled at Genpachi’s face with a look of determination and total confidence.
“A King?” Genpachi was confused. It wasn’t like them from Royal bloodline or anything like that so why did Shinichi say that? Yuina had told him before that Shinichi sometimes talk like he knew what was going to happen in the future and it sometimes comes true. Okay, a lot of times it came true. So, does that mean that his grandson is going to be a King in the future?
“Why would you think that Shin-chan?” Hanato was curious and so he asked.
“Arg, I don’t know why but I know that Ryo-chan will become a King in the future and I will be his Queen!” Shinichi explained with a look of happiness on his face that clearly said that he believe it and know it. All the adults, Ryoma’s father, and grandpa, were really confused as to why that is but Ryoma didn’t doubt Shinichi. He took that one sentence alone and made it his goal.
He still doesn’t know when or how but, he knew that he will be one if Shinichi wanted him to.
“I see. Then, Aikawa-kun. Do you want to engage to Ryoma?” Sousuke Sanada asked for the first time since he got there. His voice was soft yet control and full of life that it made Shinichi smile even bigger than ever.
“Eh! I’m gonna be Ryo-chan’s bride so you can’t let anyone else be his bride okay?” Shinichi replied back with eyes of innocents that clearly show a rare look of possessiveness in them, surprising both Genpachi and Sousuke. It seems like Shinichi is more like Yuina than Shunichi.
“Ryoma?” Asked Sousuke toward his son since he had long ago told Ryoma the procedure of a Male engaging a Male involved in. Is clearly different from how a girl and a boy engage but there’s a similarity too. Like drinking from a cup of sake.
“Yes, father. I want Shinichi Aikawa as my one and only bride. I shall love and protect him for the rest of my life!” There is no way that Ryoma was going to let someone else have his Shin-chan. Shinichi is his! When Ryoma said that, Shinichi’s eyes glitter in happiness as a smile adore his face.
“Okay. Since both of you boys had chosen to make his decision yourselves, I won’t interfere. You know what you have to do, Ryoma. I will call and talk to the Shunichi and Yuina-san for you guys.” Sousuke said as he went back inside the dojo. Genpachi smile as he thinks of what the future will bring for his two grandsons before nodding and pat Shinichi’s head as he headed back inside the dojo.
“Shin-chan, give me three drops of your blood,” Ryoma said as he grabbed onto Shinichi’s hand and pulled him towards the Main house. Seiichirou and Hanato followed them without having to ask since Hanato is one curious boy and Seiichirou does not want to be parted from his twin.
Inside the Meditation room in the Main House is an Alter that have the ceremony sets of small bowls for the engaging procedure.
“Nee Ryo-chan, why do you need my blood?” Shinichi asked confusingly. It wasn’t like he was afraid of the pain since he’s pretty used to getting hurt from practicing with Ryoma and his other sensei-tachi but rather, it was out of curiosity.
“Your blood is now mixed in with mine with a cup of Sake to Show the Gods that we are tied for life,” Ryoma explained as Hanato and Seiichirou nodded in agreement since they’d both knew of this as they already had done their ceremony just three months ago.
“Okay, three drops right?” without waiting for confirmation from Ryoma, Shinichi bit his thumb and let the blood flows out.
“Shinichi!” Ryoma was shocked. He was planning on using a small needle to poke Shinichi’s finger but to think that Shinichi would bite himself. That will hurt his Shin-chan!
“What? Hurry up and bit your fingers too!” Shinichi whined with a pout as he holds his fingers higher to stop the blood flow for a bit. Seiichirou and Hanato were gaping at the scene in front of them.
“Shin-chan, you know you don’t have to bite it you know. There’s a needle in it too.” Seiichirou explained after his shock clear off. Seiichirou shakes his head at the stupidity that Shinichi just shows but didn’t say anything else.
“I don’t like a needle!” Shinichi pouted with a downcast. Ryoma has to clenched his fist in control to stopped himself from kissing Shinichi right there and then because of the cuteness from the scene alone.
“Okay, got it,” After that Ryoma bit his own thumb too since it’s unfair if only Shinichi is hurt because of the ceremony. Which he quickly licked it up; Shinichi’s. Causing the said boy to blinked in surprise before grabbing Ryoma’s hand and licking his too, causing the taller boy-Ryoma- to blushed so red and froze for a bit before shaking his head to clear his mind and then proceed with the ceremony.
They both let three drops of their blood drop into large cups of sake that’s about a 10 milliliter, then divided the sake into two smaller ceramic cups and drink it. Shinichi nearly drowns the whole sake bottom after that because he really likes the light sweetness from the sake and caused Ryoma to panic in a half-intoxicated state. Then before Shinichi have to go back home to cook for Yuki, Shinichi stole a kiss from Ryoma without warning, causing Ryoma to fainted due to all the excitement.
Ryoma smiled at the memories. 11 years has passed in a blink of an eye. Wow… times flies.
Just two more week and Shinichi will be 18. Finally, it’s nearly time for their wedding. However, there a problem that’s been on his mind ever since he can’t reach Ryoma 5 months, two weeks, and 3 days ago. Who’s counting?
Will Shinichi even remember that they’re engaged to one another? That’s the one thing that gives him nightmare after nightmare every single damn night. So to escape the nightmare, he would full drive into the game nearly every single damn night. He only didn’t when there’s too much paperwork left from his responsible as the dorm head. When that happened, he would stay late into the night and sleep like a log until the next day without a nightmare. But since he freaking damn hate paperwork and the like, he tends to leave them to the vice-dorm-president, who happened to be his cousin, Makoto Sanada, whose grandfather and his are brothers.
Makoto Sanada is oldest out of the five boys from the branch family of his other grandpa. He is four months older than Ryoma himself so they’re both now are 18 years old. Makoto is also in his guild in Destiny Ignition Exceed as the treasure hunter, the one who hurt for treasure for their guilds. He and Ryoma have always been looking really alike but there is also a lot of differences. For one, Ryoma’s hair is red while he’s black. Makoto is also shorter than Ryoma by 4 inches, a subject that must never speak out loud in front of him. And last but not least, Ryoma is a martial artist and Makoto is a Painter. Other then those differences, their personality are also one thing that is different, Ryoma is possessive, a brat with a nasty side that he always hide behind a bratty personality, and his everything has and always will be Shinichi.
But Makoto? He’s homophobic. He can’t stand it when any boy, older or younger, eyed him with any attention of a partner. He will flip. Makoto is the type that is calm and really realizing but when flipped, his personality takes an 180 degree plus 45 more degree turns. Is that bad? Still, not as bad as Ryoma though.
Especially when it comes to Shinichi. If you think that Makoto was bad like a hysterical woman in her PMS time, imagine a devilish man who didn’t bother annoying the hell out of you nor glare at you with death. Instead, his will quietly come up to you and then kick your knees, making you kneel on the ground. And then, grab your neck with a deadlock that sends chills upon chills down your whole body before start to break your bones one at a times. You will wish that you were dead but the pain will also make you awake.
First, he will start with your smallest finger, and break the phalanges(the joint of the fingers apart) one at a times while holding you still with an acupuncture point, and then continue breaking them in a way that won’t make you unable to use your finger for the rest of your life but will make you wish that you can’t used them again to avoid the pain. He will then half closed his eyes with a look in them that make you wished for a devil instead of him.
That’s the kind of man Ryoma Sanada is when his beloved Shinichi is hurt in any way. His turned cold, merciless, ruthless, and one hell of a scary man that it will make you wished you never meet him.
With his cousin Makoto, you will only punch a couple of times due to his hysterical state but with Ryoma? You will wish that you would dead. It was that bad.
That’s why, if you ever encounter a situation when the air around you suddenly dried out its warmth and silences stirred your mind, Run For Your Life! And don’t hit on Shinichi! That’s the only warning that Seiichirou and Hanato will get you because they have no wish to see that Ryoma ever again.
No matter how stronger Seiichirou is compared to Ryoma, Seiichirou knows that he will die shall they really fight for real. There is no fu***** way that he would want to fight Ryoma. He would fight with the -fake- Ryoma who’s always bratty for Shinichi’s attention but there is NO WAY in Hell that he would ever want fight with a quiet Ryoma.
But then again, Seiichirou also understand that shall anything happened to his Hanato, he could and will get almost as scary as Ryoma. He just lacks the bloodlust intents that seems natural to Ryoma. Maybe is because of that accident back when they were kids that Ryoma is like this now. He didn’t use to be like now. He had always been a bratty kid who is a tab bit too spoiled and lazy but when he meet the Aikawa, he changed.
The bratty and spoiled Ryoma change into a hardworking boy who’s everything is a boy named Shinichi Aikawa. A boy who know how to cook like a professional, enough to make even his own twin wanted to marry him. And that, pissed Seiichirou off like nothing in the whole world did before. A cry-baby who’s a genius at anything he does. Aikawa Shinichi is probably the only being in the whole universe that make Seiichirou shuddered just from seeing him cry. And he meant shuddered from fear, not something pervert. Only his Hanato could make him shuddered in that way.
Anyway, Ryoma doesn’t know what to do if Shinichi really did forget that they’re engaged. Just the thought itself was scary enough to make Ryoma lose sleep night after nights. It was to the point that Ryoma has to sleep in the game, where dreaming isn’t possible. Yet.
Ryoma has to fight with the inner demon in him to stop himself from going back to Shinichi’s room and stay there watching Shinichi sleep. Is really creepy how much possessive Ryoma is when it comes to Shinichi when he didn’t care for anything else. Ryoma is the kind of man that doesn’t give a shit about what anyone said as long as he gets what he want.
If someone were to describe Sanada Ryoma with words then the first three words were charismatic, calm, and intelligent. All those were somewhat true but if you asked Seiichirou or Hanato for their opinion. The first were be Passionate. And then, faithful. After that, devoted or dedicated. They knew this because all his life, Seiichirou, and Hanato have never seen him look at anyone else besides Shinichi with anything that could be called an interested.
Aikawa Shinichi was the only one that Sanada Ryoma have ever love. He’s probably only that Ryoma will ever love too. That’s why Seiichirou and Hanato will never think of thinking that Ryoma will forget about Shinichi as times goes by. That’s impossible.
Oh, Ryoma is friendly alright. But only to who’s that he off, like friends or childhood friends. However, both the Sakurai brother knew that deep down, there’s a demon that Ryoma had locked away inside him. A demon called “Wrath”. And that demon only appeared when Shinichi is involved. Like that one time when a pervert nearly kidnapped Shinichi-whom didn’t even notice it. Ryoma flipped. And it scared Shinichi so bad that his mind chose to forget that event completely from his brain.
It was that scary. So scary that Hanato would have a nightmare and wake up crying into Seiichirou bed for a whole month.
Sakurai Hanato, the cheerful idiot who have an IQ higher than his calm brother who is the Student Council President of the school, got scared so badly from seeing the looks in Ryoma’s eyes that he got nightmare for a whole month.
Can you imagined what will happen if Ryoma let Shinichi seen the full blow of his wrath?
Ryoma winced at the thought of Shinichi getting scared of him. It breaks his heart in a way that slowly killed him inside.
However, what Ryoma didn’t know was that Shinichi remembered that event already. He had remembered it after trying to kill himself the first time back at the hospital. And it does scare him. Frighten him actually. But, it wasn’t enough to make Shinichi hate him. Just the opposite, Shinichi will never tell Ryoma this but have Ryoma angered because of him just made Shinichi fall more and more in love with his fiancee. Even if said fiancee doesn’t remember their promise.
Or so Shinichi had thought.
____ The Next Day____
Since Ryoma can’t sleep the whole night, he’d got up early and finished his work for the day with 2 hours to spare. He has to stop himself from going straight to Shinichi’s room because of the urges to see Shinichi to confirmed that Shinichi is really here at the school, and won’t be leaving him anytime soon.
Still, before he knew it. Ryoma was in front of Shinichi’s door already. He blinked in surprised and blushes. To think that his body would move without his knowledge. Still, Ryoma hesitant to knock the door. Maybe Shinichi is still sleeping. Ryoma tried to convince himself.
However, before he could move his feet and turned back to his room. A scream resounds from inside Shinichi’s room. A scream that made Ryoma’s heartbeat in worries.
“Gyaaahhhh!~” it tore from inside.
“Shinichi?!!!” Ryoma bangs on the door as a barely sound whimpered sound from inside. He only heard it due to his sensitive ears.
“Shinichi! Please open the door!” He yelled as he bangs on the door, not too hard but enough that the sound echo across the hall.
The door clicked opened from the inside and a closed eyed, crying and whimpering, Shinichi slammed into his chest crying.
“What’s wrong?” Ryoma asked as Shinichi whimpered into his chest. The sight makes his chest tighten in pain. He never wanted to see his Shinichi cry. He never wanted to see his Shinichi sad. He only wanted to see his angel smile happily with a naive that only Shinichi have.
“Shinichi… Please don’t cry.” Ryoma was hugging onto Shinichi was they both slump onto the floor with Ryoma holding onto Shinichi. They stay like that for a while until Shinichi calm down and Ryoma closed the door before princes’s styling and pick up Shinichi into his arms. Shinichi whimpered as he tightens his eyes closed and hocked his arms around Ryoma’s neck and snuggled into his chest like a protective blanket.
As they both set on the bed, Shinichi still has his arms around Ryoma and Ryoma didn’t want to let go anytime soon either so they both stay like that for a couple of silent minutes before Ryoma attempt to speak up.
“Shin-chan?” Ryoma called softly with a voice that he reserve for only Shinichi. Shinichi perked up at the voice and the concerned found there.
“Ryo-chan… my eyes… is hurts.” Shinichi sniffed as he replied softly without opening his eyes. He knew he was acting like a baby for his age but he can’t help it. No wonder how much pain tolerance he have, the headache that comes with his sight was far worse.
“Hmm? Let me see Shin-chan. Come on.” He pleads softly. What’s wrong with his Shinichi?
Shinichi slowly let go of Ryoma’s neck and slowly opened his eyes for Ryoma. The sight that greets Shinichi made him froze as his eyes make contact with Ryoma.
He blushed bright red. Causing Ryoma to smile softly at Shinichi and pulled him closer, which in turn just caused Shinichi to blushed brighter with a small smile on his face. Ryoma’s hand caressed Shinichi’s face as he looks for what is wrong with his Shinichi.
The only difference from yesterday was that Shinichi’s golden-green eyes are now both the same colored on both sides, which was Golden- red. A combination that makes Shinichi, even more, cuter and more adorable than ever. He might be a bet bias though since anything that Shinichi did or do was always one way or another cute and adorable in his eyes.
“Your eyes… they’re golden red now… Can you see?” Ryoma asked cautiously. He didn’t want Shinichi to panic.
“I can… see even better now for some reason. Ryoma~…” again, Shinichi cried in worries and pain as his vision made the headaches in his brain throbbed in pain. Since Shinichi had always had a 20/20 vision, now that his eyes can see even clearer, the strains that it comes with make Shinichi’s head hurt.
“Shin-chan, can you tell me what that is?” Ryoma pointed to a small, really small letter on the calendar hanging on the wall all the way across the room. Shinichi opened his eyes and nodded before closing them again and hid inside Ryoma’s chest. Ryoma sure is wicked that he found Shinichi cute at a time like this.
“Shin-chan, what is the third letter of the first word under the word Month?” Ryoma wanted to see how far can Shinichi see now.
Since now is on October 2, a couple of months since school started, the calendar was informing events of upcoming events like the Leave Festival in their school.
Shinichi opened his eyes and look over at the calendar, and said without hesitation whatsoever. “L from leave.” before going back into Ryoma’s chest and closed his eyes with a whimpered from his lips as the vision show more light in the room and made his head hurt even more.
Ryoma nodded before reaching for his telecommunication watch that operates like a cell phone via wireless and a watch at the same time, and click on two buttons as a hologram can up showing a screen that could only be called a phone.
A second later, the sound of a phone paging can be heard as it ring. Shinichi was curious at to what but when he opened his eyes to look, the pain make him whimpered again and closed them tightly.
“Hello?” A voice that doesn’t sound sleepy at all answered and Shinichi immediately know that it was Seiichirou whom Ryoma had called.
“Seiichirou, could you go to my room and bring me my old glass from my drawer and bring it to Shinichi’s room,” Ryoma asked.
“Hmm? what happen?” Seiichirou sure catches up really quick. Too quick.
“Just bring it. You’re right next door anyway.” That’s right, Seiichirou and Hanato’s room were right next to his just in case.
“Sure.” Seiichirou ended the called. Ryoma got up and put Shinichi on the bed reluctantly as he didn’t want to separate them but must.
“Shin-chan, let me closed the curtains?” Since Shinichi didn’t close the curtain all the way before he fell asleep last night, the light in the room was lite up brightly. Which was why it hurt so much. Shinichi let go and hide his eyes from the light in the room until Ryoma come back and hold onto Shinichi again.
Causing him to blushed deeply, which make Ryoma chuckled.
“Why are you blushing Shin-chan? I am your fiancee, you know?” Ryoma half tease Shinichi half reminded him. Shinichi froze before slowly looking up to Ryoma with a surprised and pleasing looked in his eyes. The water in his eyes just makes Shinichi’s eyes, even more, cuter than necessary, if it was even necessary for the beginning.
“You remember?” Shinichi didn’t know whether he should cry or smile at the happiness that he feels. He had thought that Ryoma might forget they’re promised already. Oh… Oh… please, don’t let this be a dream.
“What make you think that I had forgotten our promised Shinichi? You have always been my bride and will always be..” Ryoma kissed Shinichi’s forehead with a small blushed on his cheeks and pulled Shinichi closer to him, possessively. There is no way in hell that he’s going to let Shinichi go.
A knock on the door came before Shinichi could answer Ryoma. As Ryoma steal a kiss from a blushing Shinichi before quickly composed himself and went to opened the door while Shinichi closed his eyes tightly from the light that gets inside from the door.
Outside was Seiichirou and a yawning Hanato.
“Come in.” Ryoma tried to block as much of light as possible but his only one man as some light from the hallway shined through the cracked, Shinichi whimpered, causing him to pull the two siblings inside without a word from them before closing the door with a near slam.
“Shinichi, are you okay?” Ryoma went straight to Shinichi’s bed and pull him back into his chest, making both the Sakurai brother lift their brows in question at the scene. From what they’ve known, Shinichi and Ryoma had never shown signs that could be count as lovely-dovely with each other. But then again, is not like Hanato and himself were showing off their love live either. I mean, why the hell would Seiichirou let anyone else see how adorable Hanato is beside him?
All of the Sakurai bloodlines are always possessive of their lover, even Hanato whom never show it but get freaking damn scary when he think that someone would steal his brother away from him.
“Seiichirou, where are my glasses?” Ryoma asked as Shinichi calm down a bit.
“Here.” Seiichirou handed Ryoma the glasses in his hand as he watches Ryoma put it on Shinichi with eyes full of caress and love like when he look Hanato when he did something particularity cutely. Hanato is always cute thought.
Shinichi blinked as his eyes adjust from the light and the dark aspect from the sunglass. It took a couple of minutes for Shinichi’s full vision to adjusts to the light or lack of light in the room, from other’s perspective.
“How do you feel Shinichi?” Ryoma asked as he softly caressed Shinichi’s face with a gentleness that makes Seiichirou and Hanato rolled their eyes.
“Hmm… is better now,” Shinichi replied as he sighed out loud as the throbbing pain from his eye sight lessen.
“De, explain why you have to wake us up this early?” Seiichirou demanded.
“Well… that’s my fault.” Shinichi sniffed as he wiped tears away from his eyes. Making Ryoma gazes at him lovingly.
“So?” It seems like both Seiichirou and Hanato are a little-pissed off because Ryoma wakes them up from their sleep. Or so Shinichi thought. It was actually because both Seiichirou and Hanato were in full drive in the game and was doing something private, yet got interrupted from Ryoma’s called that they’re both pissed.
“When I woke up this morning, there was a lot of lights in my eyes and that hurt my eyes so really much. And then there was s-s-something a-appeared and vanished like a g-ghost.” Shinichi shivered as he hugged his pillow tightly.
Ryoma smile at the image. Out of all his grandpa’s student, Shinichi is the fastest at learning and the one with the most pain tolerance out of all of them but his also the one that cries the easiest too. He hates anything like spider, snake, and cockroaches and mouse. Basically, anything that is dirty.
Oh and ghost. Shinichi is especially scared of ghost. Zombie and the likes that have a body? Shinichi doesn’t care about them but a ghost? He will go berserk on them. But ghost? Consider yourself lucky that he faint from the fright. If not, well… asked Seiichirou for more detail you will? (No, Ryoma isn’t scared of Shinichi when his like that…. maybe.)
“Hoh?” Seiichirou exclaimed as he watched Hanato climbed into Shinichi’s bed and poke at Ryoma’s ribs as revenge for interrupting his and his brother’s personal time together. Not that it affect Ryoma. Just annoyed him.
“Yeah. I thought it was a ghost until I noticed that I can see the shapes of the dust in the air from the sunlight ray. And then, I noticed that everything look really cleared and my head start to throb in pain and my eyes start to hurt.” Shinichi nearly whimpers at the end of his explanation before fixing the sun-glass or goggle on his face by scrolling the “mouse” like the scroll on the left side to change how dark the shade on the goggle is.
Seiichirou looks at Ryoma with his brows lift for confirmation from Ryoma. He nodded. Seiichirou has to say, that’s really not good. Shinichi has always had 20/20 vision. If he can see better than before, just how much will that strained his brain and eyes. It will hurt a LOT.
“I see. Let’s test how far you can see with the goggle on then Shinichi.” Hanato piped up with a grin on his face.
“Well… let’s see. Seiichirou, go flip the calendar to any other month that you want and point to a random word there for Shinichi to read.” Ryoma said pointing to the calendar on the far end of the wall. It was a good 15 meters away from the bed where Shinichi is currently sitting on so it should be impossible to read any letter there that’s smaller than front side 20. Seiichirou nodded in understanding and complied with Ryoma’s request to testify Hanato’s inquiry.
“Shinichi, what does it said here?” Seiichirou chooses the smallest one in the middle of a bunch of words that formed a paragraph in December. Shinichi blinked before looking at the word that was right on top of Seiichirou’s finger.
“Danger,” Shinichi replied.
“And this?” Seiichirou moved his finger a couple of lines down.
“Thi-?” Seiichirou stopped himself before he could continue. He had already proven Hanato’s question.
“Okay…” Both Seiichirou and Hanato exclaimed at the same time as their eyes meet. A full conversation was going on between them in a mere two seconds.
“Shinichi, this is really bad.” Hanato closed his eyes.
“Yeah, is bad.” Seiichirou agreed. Bad for what? Shinichi tilted his head, not understanding the disadvantage that will come with.
“What?” Ryoma was getting paranoid with the Sakurai brother.
“You do know that the Nerve Drive connects to your neurons through the scans from yesterday’s exam right?” Seiichirou was referring to when Shinichi was been scanned by the machine down in the Game Center. Shinichi nodded.
“Well… You will have to go back to update your information again because the Drive Pod that will be coming on Monday is base on those codes but now? You vision changed so you need a new one.” Seiichirou informed Shinichi while Hanato was nodding in the background.

“Why? Can’t I just not play?” Shinichi seriously wanted to pout but he isn’t 7 anymore.

“No, Shin-chan. The principal’s son is one of the developers for this game so he makes a rule that every student in the High School Section must have at least 48 Hours in Games to passed a term. So, you will actually need 144 Hours in Game total to passed and you have to be level 20 Plus to graduated.” Hanato tells Shinichi with the grin on his face.

“Besides, Shin-chan, Destiny Ignition Exceed is really fun! You can play it however you want and no one will say anything to you! You can play as someone who will fight or just play as a casual player! You can cook, fish, skin animal of all kinds, mining, and the likes. You can even marry in the game! Of course, there is no gender limit! I and Sei-chan are married in the game too!” Hanato was clearly really excited and it shows thru his eager voices. Seiichirou was smiling and nodding along with Hanato’s explanation,

“And of course, if you’re married both in Game and Real then the limitation for Sex are lifted and you can even have sex in the game!” Seiichirou was trying to be helpful with that information but all he got are bewilder look from Shinichi and a red face Hanato as replied while Ryoma facepalms himself.

“S-sex?” Shinichi blushed bright red…wait…

“Ryoma! Are you cheating on me behind my back?!” Shinichi didn’t know whether he should cry or slab Ryoma at the thought that he might cheat on him in the game. Surely, since Ryoma is really adorable and he must be really strong in the game too, the thought that all the girls will be all over Ryoma make Shinichi pissed off.

“Eh? Shin-chan, that’s impossible.” Hanato answered him with a wave of his hand while Ryoma was in a shock at what Shinichi had asked him. Was Shinichi jealous? He didn’t dare to think of that.

“And why not is that?” Shinichi asked as he blinks in surprised, for some reason, Shinichi is always finding himself acting like a child when his with Ryoma, Seiichirou, and Hanato. Maybe is because they’re best friends and they all knew one another enough that no secret can stay secret for long that Shinichi found himself always acting like a baby in the group. He is the youngest in the group since both Seiichirou and Hanato’s birthday are on April 14 while Ryoma’s on September 29 and Shinichi himself is on October 15.

“Because Ryoma didn’t even look at any other person without comparing it to you. Not to mention, Ryoma loves you too much to even thinking of someone else.” Seiichirou was the one that answered Shinichi while Hanato nodded in agreement. Ryoma himself was looking at Shinichi with the tip of his ears red in embarrassment.

“Really?” Shinichi was pouting with a hopeful look in his eyes at Ryoma. Ryoma has to blink in surprised before smiling softly and leaning in to kissed Shinichi on his cheek with a soft answered of ‘You are the only one Shin-chan’. Causing Shinichi to get teary and drive into Ryoma’s chest with tight hugs, surprising everyone in the room including himself.

Surprising for a bit, Ryoma quickly holds onto Shinichi with as much as pressure as Shinichi hug him. Ryoma has to fight back the urge to just kiss the hell out of Shinichi.

‘Oh god, I love Shinichi so much. Please don’t separate us again.” Ryoma pleads in his head. Just a 5 month or so separation and Ryoma was sure that he can’t live without his Shin-chan anymore. If he has ever been able to before.

Seiichirou and Hanato could have sworn that Ryoma was crying as he hug Shinichi but the room was a bit far too dark for them to be able to clearly see.

“I love you Ryo-chan!” Shinichi yelled into Ryoma’s chest with a cried. Shinichi has no clue how long ago it was that he cried because he thought that Ryoma forgot that they’re engaged. He really thought that Ryoma didn’t love him the same way that he loves Ryoma since Ryoma himself never kiss or hold his hands as lover do before. It makes Shinichi doubtful and scared that Ryoma doesn’t like him. After all, Shinichi falls for Ryoma even before Ryoma knew of him.

Back when he came to Japan for the first time with his father to visit Sousuke-san, Ryoma’s father. Back then, Shinichi saw Ryoma practicing his two swords in the backyard. It was love at first sight. Even if Shinichi was only 4 at that time, he clearly remembers the boy with two long wooden- almost twice as tall as himself- swords that have hairs that lite the fire from the sun into life. Since then, Shinichi had dreamed of Ryoma a lot of times. Too many times before they’d moved permanently to Japan to live because of Yuki’s illness. To think that Ryoma suggested them getting engage back then, it was the happiest moment of Shinichi’s whole life.

And now that boy is holding onto him as much as he’s holding him. If only his parents and Yuki are still alive, he would have run to them and start doing dances in happiness at them. Boasting his relationship with Ryoma to them. But, they aren’t here anymore. Tears clouded Shinichi’s vision again and this time, Shinichi have to move away from the warm chest that his holding onto to wiped away his tears.

Seeing the two boys holding onto each other like that, Seiichirou was sensitive enough to give them spaces so he signals for Hanato to come with him back to their room. Hanato pouted but didn’t argue and left the room with a soft sound that didn’t even register into Ryoma or Shinichi’s mind.

Ryoma started to softly kiss Shinichi on the cheeks, forehead, nose, eyelids, chin and then finally, on the lips softly. He wanted to show Shinichi that his really precious to him by softly kisses him. Over and over again. And Again. To the point that Shinichi was smiling like an idiot at the kisses before he kisses Ryoma back on the lips with blushes adoring his cheeks. And then they laugh softly while holding hands.

Shinichi and Ryoma both fall onto the bed while holding each other’s hand. Ryoma has to hold himself back from how adorable Shinichi look in his goggle, he was tempted to removed it for a bit so that he could see Shinichi’s eyes.

But no, it will hurt Shinichi’s eyes so he restrained from doing so. They stay like that until the clock on Ryoma’s watch/phone ring at exactly 6 A.M, which is the time that Ryoma used to train himself and meditate outside of the game.

“You wake up at 6?” Shinichi asked surprised.

“Yeah, to meditate and train,” Ryoma answered.

“Hmm, I have to do some exercise for rehabs too.” Shinichi blinked in surprised at the reminder, causing Ryoma to chuckled and grin in a teasing manner,

“What does it includes?” Ryoma asked,

“Huh? oh, 150 sit-ups, 150 push-ups, stretches on arms and feet. 45 minutes of meditating. Three times a day. In the morning, lunch and before going to bed.” Shinichi counted from the top of his head.

Ryoma blinked.

“Isn’t that a bit too much for a rehab?” Ryoma asked in worries.

“Nope, the actual number was only a third of that but I found it too little so I been adding it whenever I feel that it wasn’t enough.” Shinichi grin back at Ryoma.

“Geez, Mister Martial Artist Genius, don’t push yourself too much okay?” Ryoma teased before getting up from the bed, causing Shinichi to get up too.

“Baka.” Shinichi pouted, causing Ryoma to chuckled softly.

“Wanna join me?” Ryoma asked as he holds onto Shinichi’s hand softly, Shinichi nodded with a blush on his face.

“Kim-kun show you around already right?” Ryoma asked and Shinichi nodded while letting go of Ryoma’s hand and making his way to the closet for a change of cloth,

“Remember where the Gym is at?” Ryoma asked.

“Gym? No, he shows me where the Cafe, Bookstore, Gaming Room, cafeteria, and Library.” Shinichi doesn’t remember if Ryousuke had even shown him where the gym is at.

“Okay, change and wait for me. I need to go change first. Then we’ll go together okay?”

“Okay.” Shinichi didn’t want to separate from Ryoma yet, though. Seeing the anxious look in Shinichi’s eyes, Ryoma smile a bit before walking behind Shinichi and hug him from behind.

“Shin-chan, I will be back in 5 minutes okay?” Ryoma asked softly with kisses on the nap of Shinichi’s neck. Shinichi has to fight back the shivers and blushes away from his face before nodding.

God, Ryoma didn’t want to let go of Shinichi at all. Sighing internally, Ryoma let Shinichi go with a regret that came way too soon. He already is missing the feeling of Shinichi in his arms.

Better go before he can’t anymore.

As Ryoma left, Shinichi touches the spot that Ryoma’s arms were with a blush on his face. Oh god, Shinichi just wanted to be in Ryoma’s warm arms for forever, With a sighed, Shinichi grabbed his work out cloths, a long jogging pant, a small face toiler, and a white t-shirt. Then Shinichi tied his hairs into a pony tail before making his way to the bathroom that’s attached to his room.

Like I said before, Shinichi’s room is freaking huge. It was enough to fit three King sizes bed and three other desks with left over spaces. After finishing his morning routine in 4 minutes flat, Shinichi went back to his bed and sit there waiting for Ryoma. He didn’t have to wait long.

A knock came from the door and Shinichi could tell that there’s someone else at the door with Ryoma. Blinking in surprised, Shinichi went to opened the door,

“Shinichi,” Ryoma called with a soft smile on his face once the door opened, Beside Ryoma, however, was someone that Shinichi hasn’t seen since 3 years ago.

It was Ryoma’s cousin, Makoto Sanada.

“Ryoma. Makoto-kun,” Shinichi greet them as he stepped out of his room.

“Ayo! Long time no sees, Aikawa-kun,” Makoto greeted with a smile on his face. Shinichi and the Sakurai twins are the only ones that Makoto could tolerance even if they’re gay. Simply because Shinichi will never see him as a potential partner with Ryoma by him’s side. The Sakurai twin doesn’t give a damn about him in any way that will give him the creep so they’re fine too.

Especially when all four of them have their own boyfriend/fiancee/bride/husband already. In they’re presences, Makoto feels save.

“Long time so see, Makoto-kun. How have you been?” Shinichi asked as they make their way toward the gym with Ryoma leading.

“Fine… I have been doing really well. I even have a girlfriend now.” Makoto grin.

“Hoh?” Shinichi was surprised. Now a day, these that have girlfriend or boyfriend are like really rare.

“Yep, I meet her in DIE. She’s in the same guild as us. You should join us Aikawa-kun!”

“Makoto, Shinichi hasn’t play DIE yet.” Ryoma butted in before Shinichi could say anything, causing Makoto to paused in surprised.


“Ryoma, what is ‘guild’?” Shinichi asked Ryoma softly as they walk away from Makoto without caring.

“A guild is a group of people that’s similar to how yakuza group is made or like how school clubs are forms. The direct definition is [a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power or
association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

“Oh? You and Makoto are in the same guild?” Asked Shinichi.

“Yep. And so does Seiichirou and Hanato. Also, grandpa is in the guild too.” Ryoma smirked.

“What? Grandpa play DIE too?” Shinichi was surprised. He didn’t know that Destiny Ignition Exceed was so popular that even someone like Genpachi Sanada would join.

“Well, grandpa join a couple of months ago when he found out that there are dragon and dinosaurs in the game. He wanted to play just so he could kill a dragon but in the end, he made father join too.” Ryoma didn’t know why his father agrees to it thought. His grandpa? He could understand an old man strong man seeking opponent but his father? Not to mention his mother? It seems like his mother joins only to spend more time with his father since in game times is 5 times slower than in real life.

“EH?!!! Sousuke-ojii-san?!!!” Well… this is the biggest surprised of the year, that much is true. Sousuke Sanada is the quite intelligently yet deadly type of man that doesn’t have any weakness. That’s right, no weakness. Ryoma’s weakness is Shinichi. Shinichi’s weakness is a ghost. Grandpa’s weakness is also Shinichi and his wife. Shinichi’s smile, to be more specific. But, Sousuke?

Truth be told, sometimes Shinichi wonder if Sousuke isn’t a robot instead. And Sousuke is the kind that if was an assassin, he would kill everyone including the contractor themselves. Or if his a gun, he would be an MSG. The silent one, Silent yet deathly.

Wait… Don’t tell me,

“Ryoma, what’s Sousuke-san’s class?” Shinichi is really suspicious now.

“… Dark mage/assassin that doesn’t use a staff or a dagger.” Ryoma answered with a facepalm.

“Dark mage?” Shinichi knew what an assassin is but a dark mage?

“Yeah. Deadly silence magics that doesn’t require him to actual cite the whole incantation. And an assassin that uses all kinds of weapon but a dagger.” Ryoma sighed out loud at the end of his sentence.

“…” Shinichi didn’t know what to say to that, He knew from watching the trailer and the beta video on youtube that anything is possible. But… this is…

Just what sort of guild is Ryoma’s guild?

“Ryo-chan, what’s the name of your guild?” Shinichi can’t help but ask.

“… you really wanna know?” Ryoma asked.

“yeah,” Shinichi answered as they both opened the door to the gym. Humm? Where’s Makoto? Ahhh, there he is. Is he still out of it? oh well…

“Risky Enough to Die,” Ryoma answered with a winced.

“Grandpa named it huh…” Ryoma nodded.

They both smile to each other before proceeding with their own schedule. Of course, Ryoma stole a kiss before going to do his thing, however. Shinichi did something far more worst for Ryoma.

Ryoma didn’t know whether or not he should call it the devilish move or the angel’s love.

Ryoma kissed Shinichi on the cheek.

Shinichi kissed him on the lips.

With tongue.

And teeth.

Okay, that’s it.

Ryoma’s in heaven.

Or Hell.

The next hour and a half, Ryoma can’t barely remember any thing. His body went to auto drive but his mind was in a whole different world. No progress was recorded for his little efforts this time. The same can’t be said for Shinichi though.



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