Chapter Two: Destiny Ignition Exceed- what? Huh?!

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Shinichi was in his room packing and organizing his stuff for his new room. The room is pretty much western style. Just like the outside.

In his room, there’s a large, queen size, bed with overhanging in princess style in the middle, which he will be removing it soon enough. There’s three large bookshelves by the wall the to left and two closet that is big enough to fit a king size bed inside with plenty of room to spare.

[Ah, this room… is not to my liking. I wonder if I can rearrange the room?]

Knock Knock

“Come in!”

The door opened and Ryousuke step in with a straw bucket on his hand,

“Aikawa-kun, here for you,” Ryousuke say while handing him the straw bucket to him. In there was shampoo, a soap, toothbrush and the likes.

“Thank you.”

“So, do you like your room? You’re free to arrange them any way you like. This is your room for the next 5 years.”  Ryousuke grin as he leads on the door frame.

“The room is pretty big and everything is in good condition here but I don’t like  how this room is arrange so I will be moving some of them. Especially the bed,” I replied with a small frown on my face.

“Do you need  help moving them?” Asked Ryousuke.

“Yes please. I am still in rehabs for another month so I can’t use too much strength. Director Kim says so.” I explained to Ryousuke with a thankful smile on my face.

“Okay, if Aniki says so. So where do you want to move the bed?” Ryousuke asked as he moved toward the bed and started to stretches his arms in preparation.

“Hm, I would like to moved the bed to there please,,” I said pointing to the far corner of the right.

“You want it all the way toward the wall?” Asked Ryousuke, a little surprised.

“Ye,” I replied as the take down the see through the curtain and stacks them neatly.

The next hour was spends moving the bed, the bookshelves and rearrange the desk. It was near lunch time when Shinichi and Ryousuke finished arranging the stuffs in the room to Shinichi’s taste. The bed was move to the corner of the room with the desk by it. On the desk, there’s a small lighting for night studying and three textbook, which are the subjects that Shinichi will be teaching the kids. And then there’s four pictures placed next to it. The first and largest one was of himself and Yuki when he toke her to the park back when they were only 9 years old. She was smiling like it was the happiest time of her life, which it was, and Shinichi was in front of her because she was hugging him from his back.

He remembers that she threatened to tickle him if he won’t let her hug him from behind for the picture.

Then the next one besides this one was when Yuki made him cross-dress just for the sake of taking a picture. It was in black and white, yet it was really lovely and scary at the same time. Ryoma, Seichirou, and Hanato have a copy of this one because Yuki was using it to blackmail him.

[Image: XG0rLbB.jpg]

[The above Image does not belong to me~!]

And no, his the one with the long hair. Yuki threatened to sends copies of that pictures to the media if he won’t dress as a girl for their middle school festival. He has no choices. He never has a choice when it comes to Yuki.

The next picture was of the whole family member together in front of his grandpa’s lawn. His father, who was going to go to Chicago for his job transfer and his mother was in a apron holding a ladder for show. His grandma and grandpa, from his father’s side, was seating sides by sides while all the while Yuki was playing with Shinichi’s dark green hair while smirking in happiness as Shinichi himself have a defeated looks on his face. In the picture, there was a roll of gardenia on the left side while on the right sides was a sakura tree. That time the sakura was just in full bloom and it was one of the rare day that Yuki’s body were strong so they were having a picnic.

The third pictures was of his three childhood friends and him. From the top was Seichirou and his twin Hanato, whom both have navy blue hairs. On the lower button of the pictures was Shinichi himself with Ryoma to his left. It was during the school festival so Seichirou was in his full cosplay mood since his class was a butler class. Yep, he was dressing as Sebastian from Black Butler and Hanato was dressing as what-was-her-named? That maid that has her eyes poked out because of her master, a brat who’s a maniac.  Ahh right it was Hannah. Right. Hanato was dressing as Hannah because there wasn’t enough girl. Ryoma and his class where dressing as samurai except that Shinichi was in a full girl dress. Like I say, there wasn’t enough girl.

Ryoma was dressing as Yukimura Sanada and damn does he look exactly like Yukimura Sanada from that anime… what was it again? Something like the Samura Warrior 4 or 5(?) was it? The game that is. It was a really old game but a lot of people still plays it after it was reinvented into a  virtual game. The one that used a red hair tight on his forehead. Ryoma was in that character. He event have a real sword with him.  A Real Sword. Of course, after all, Ryoma is a Sanada.

Direct descendants of that Sanada Yukimura and his brother, Nobuyuki Sanada. That’s right. Ryoma is a hachidan, a Kendo god in term of strength, and a Black belt in Karate. Same as Shinichi himself does. Although Shinichi learned way too many different types of combat styles that he could barely remember which is which.

What about him?

Shinichi was a princess. Or supposed to be anyway.

In Shinichi’s case, just remembering the memories was enough to send chills down his spine.

It was a disaster. To the point that Yuki was pulled in too.

Oh my god, just the memories itself was enough for chills upon chills to rack up Shinichi’s body and mind. Noted all the shivers and shudders…

Girls are scary when it come to fashion! He could still remember the thoughts at that time.

The girls in his class, which was only seven out of 28 of them, wanted Shinichi to dress as a princess in Kimono, all in white while the boy fight for more sexy looks. And then it was chaos. They shout and yells and throw things at each other for three whole classes. Like books, pencils, erasers, and anything else that they, the girls found. The teacher can’t even do anything because they too were looking forward to whatever Shinichi will be wearing. At the end, they all agree that whatever Kimono Shinichi wore, it will be sexy. [Shivered]

Actually, they wanted to dress him as a princess but… It turned into something completely different. They event fixed his hairs too. Not that it takes too long because Shinichi’s hair has always been really long, all the way down to his rear. At the end, it turns to look something more like a geisha rather than a princess because of how the dress on him.

They made him tested wear and even wanted to take pictures, that is until Ryoma came in wearing Yukimura Sanada’s custom and drawn his own sword to threatened them that if they even let one picture of Shinichi in custom lose, heads will roll, with a look that clearly label : This dog doesn’t bark, he will bit your ass to kingdom come. It was a long week time worth of arguing back and forth of which princess custom look the best on Shinichi. To the point that all the male in class have nosebleed to the point that they got anemia. Those idiots.

At the end of the deadline, the last day to try on the custom because tomorrow is the official open day for the festival. The principal and all the teacher extend the funds for the customers and get him a new one instead. It was one that made everyone wide eyes and either fainted with nosebleed or faint from overexcite. [Shivers]

They’d dye his hair and style it without cutting it and placing a flowers on. They went as far as to make him wear girl’s saddle. At the end, Shinichi tease them by wearing Ryoma’s glasses and the results was countless bodies fainted on the floors. Even teachers. All the while, Ryoma look like his was itching to actually  kills everyone. Why though, Shinichi just can’t understand.
[Image: Y1XRjll.jpg]

okay… that’s enough. Let’s just say that after the festival, Shinichi has to avoid all the girls and half of the school’s boy for a couple of months. And nearly get kidnapped more than 5 times from what he remembered.

“Wow, this looks great now,” Ryousuke exclaimed with a wild grin on his face. They really are brothers, their smiles look almost exactly alike.

“Yep. Oh it’s almost time for lunch.”

“Want me to show you around after lunch?” Asked Ryousuke.

“Really? Thank you for the offer then I will gladly accept.” there’s no way I won’t accept. I don’t want to get lost. Yesterday, after confirming all the documents in the principal’s office and choosing which class he needs to take, it was near dinner time and Shinichi was so tired that he fell asleep the minute that his head hit the bed so he hasn’t been shown around the school yet.

After that, Ryousuke spends nearly 3 hours with Shinichi showing him around the dorms, from where he stay, which was right next to the middle school dorms, to where the teacher’s office are located at. From the elementary school, which was a sight that Shinichi didn’t think he could forget anytime soon, to the high school.

They were at their last location; The Common Room.

“This is the Common Building. This is the building that almost everyone come in after class. There’s a Game Center, a Cafeteria and or cafe, a bookstore, a club, yes a club,  and computers available for every to use if you have an account set up.” Ryousuke explain.

“Usually, it will be jam pack with all kinds of people from all ages but since school is still in section, there’s no one here. Let me introduce you to the staff here.” I can’t do anything but collect every little detail of the rooms into my mind as I followed Ryousuke-san.

“Master~! Are you here?” Ryousuke shout a bit loud for the master since the counter there’s no one on the counter that Ryousuke lead us to, it was clearly a bar of some kind. Except there’s no alcohol in sight.

“Hmm? Kim-kun, what are you doing here? You are skipping class again?” asked a man that come from the back of the small door that I bet lead to the back kitchen. Wow, he moved without making any sounds. Is he…?

“No no, I am showing a transfer student around the school since the principal assigns me to. Oi! Is not like I’m always skipping class!” Ryousuke pout at the master.

The master was a man in his 40s, from what I could tell. He has a small cut on his cheeks and has his hairs tight in a ponytail. His looks kind of fragile but Shinichi knew that the master isn’t fragile at all with the way that he moved around. It was soundless.

“Ura? A transfer student at this time of the year?” the master asked with a confused voiced as he tilted his head to one side while his brows kneel together.

“Yeah. Oh what am I doing? Come over here, Aikawa-kun. Let me introduce you. Aikawa-kun, this is Sato Misaki, the master of this non-alcoholic bar and the DJ for the club behind that door.” Ryousuke pointed toward the door that the master came thru just a couple of seconds ago. “Master, this is Aikawa Shinichi, the new tutor for the 5th and 6th grades. He’s a freshman this year too.” he finished.

“Hajimemashite, I am Aikawa Shinichi, I still don’t know what class I in. It’s nice to meet you.” I bow.

“Nice to meet you, Sato Misaki, just call me Master since I like it better.” he winked. hahaha… sweatdrops…

“Hai,” I answered seconds later.

“My, you are pretty unusual huh…” He said after looking at me up and down, causing sweats to form in my mind.

“I’m sorry?”  How am I unusual? Is it because of my different color eyes or is it my white hair?

“You’re the second’s girl that have white hair at this school since it was really rare for Japanese to have white hair. Is one of your parents foreign?” Asked the master with a curiosity gleam in his eyes.

A girl? I blinked.

I blinked again.

“M-master! Aikawa is a boy!” Ryousuke panic as he shouted at the master. I blushed. Like seriously? where’s a hole when you needs it? This is so embarrassing, to be mistaken as a girl because of my hair.

“Ehh?!” the master was gaping in shock.

“Yes, I am a BOY. Please don’t mistakes me for a girl just because I have long hair. And no, my hair wasn’t originally white. See? My eyebrows isn’t white.” I said pointing toward my eye browns. Is true, when I woke up that day and found that my hairs turned white already but my brows isn’t, I don’t know if I should laugh out loud at my looks or just faint in shock.

“Oh. Sorry about that then. Man, this brings back memories.” The master said with a small nostalgia smile on his face as if he was recalling some important… or not memories.

“Arggg, back then my body was really fragile and I have longer hair due to the custom that if I was dressed as a girl then my body will turned strong. What a load of bullshit. Because of that I was mistaken as a girl far too many times so I know how you feel.” The master explained.

“Well good thing your body isn’t fragile anymore than,” I replied, of course, the master’s body doesn’t look strong but I can tell that his really strong just by the way that he moves around soundlessly like that.

“…” The master look kinds of alarmed at my saying. Why? Did I say something wrong?

“Master?” What? Did I offend him somehow?

“Ah, no is nothing. Oh that’s right. Here, take this. That is the schedule and menu for the cafe and the Club. There is alcohol but only for the 5 years since they’re 21 turning 22 years old so don’t even think about it. Remember those on the menu because you won’t be seeing any if you come to the cafe.” the master says as he handed me a menu that have three section. The first section was the appetite and deserts likes shortcakes and things like that, is the section that girls like the most.

But I hate sweet so I didn’t even bother looking at it.  I skip right through the desert section and look over the other ones instead. Oh? There are a couple of Korean dishes here too. Humm? What’s this? A Thai dish? Oh? Tom Yam Boran? What’s that? Hmm…

Maybe I should do some research for the cooking class. Is not like there’s only Japanese in this school. From what Kim-sensei told me, there’s a variety of races from all over Asian in this school to the point that exchange student have their own dorms about the size of a hotel.

“Ah! That’s right. I forget to tell you this. Aikawa-kun, this school require that every student staying at the dorms MUST have a D.I.E. account, you have one right?” said Ryosuke as he waits for me to finished reading the menu.

A what account?

“I don’t. What is this D.I.E. that you talking about?” I asked a little bewilder. Is not what I think it is right?

The whole room was silence for a minute.

“Destiny Ignition Exceed account.” The master finally said after a couple of silences moment.

“Destiny Ignition Exceed? What is that?” What? hat is this destiny-thingy that they’re talking about?

“I forget that you were in the hospital just a week ago. Sorry, my short sight. Destiny Ignition Exceed or D.I.E is the new breakthrough virtual reality games that Destination of Gaming, the company that creates and develop Magic and Swords online, created and announced 5 months ago. If you ever play a VRMMORPG game before then you should know what I’m talking about.” Ryousuke explained politely with a small smile.

“I never played any virtual game before.”  Is true, I was too busy keeping up with those Martial Arts classes that my parents signed me up for. Karate, Kendo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Shuri-te karate, Chinese martial arts like Xing Yi Quan, Taoism, traditional ones like Bājíquán (八極拳) – Eight extreme fists and Longquan (龙拳) – Dragon Fist. And the last one was Tàijíquán (太極拳; T’ai chi ch’uan; Tai Chi) – Supreme Ultimate fist. Studying a lot of martial arts mean that I won’t have a specialist but I don’t mind much. It’s not like I am a beginner with those. So, yes, I have a lot of masters. I have 24 Masters, including the assistants too.

Since the Chinese martial arts that are traditional were the ones that my father practice before, he called his master and I was, surprisingly, accepted without any trouble. The other ones were the one that I was taking it with Seiichirou and Ryoma. Hanato doesn’t like violence so he don’t want to be near anything that teaches violence. So to make sure that I don’t leave out Yuki and Hanato, I learn cooking from my grandma. Yuki and mom are a no-no-no in the kitchen. Unless you wanna die of food poisoning that is. Since Hanato and I we book like to cook, but I hate sweets, we have a great time.


“What?!” Asked both Ryousuke and the master at the same time. Oh my god, what era is this boy living in? They both though that the same time.

“What?” what’s their problem? I could feel the blood rush to my face but no way am I going to blush… maybe…

Well sorry for not playing any VR games!

“Oh my god, I don’t think there’s anyone left in Japan that hasn’t at the really least play a VR game before… Okay, first of all, we needs to sign you up your account before you start next week. Secondly, here use this. This is the demo pass for DIE new player. Watch this and learns anything that you can before Monday. You have three days. Kim-kun, take Aikawa to the Game Center and sign him up.” The master instructed.

“Okay. Let’s go Aikawa-kun.” Ryousuke looks a little shock but it seems like his body get over it faster than his mind.

The next 30 or so minutes was spend creating a really complex, from Ryousuke point of view since his never took this long,  account for Shinichi. There was ten security question and 5 different code were being made. What Shinichi didn’t know was that his the only one who have to create more than three security codes due to the answers of his security questions and answers.

“After this, we’ll have to scan your body information through the Nerve Implements Scanner so that it will be inputted into your account. Since you’re a tutor here, on Monday, the principal should send you a set of suits for the game. It’s a nerve suit that allow your whole body and minds to feel and senses like you are in the game yourself.” Ryousuke said as he leads me toward the pod of… a bed?

“Get inside and take off all your clothes before pushing the Start button. Is a big green button so you can’t mix it.” Ryousuke instructed with a blushed on his face. Why the hell is he blushing?

“Okay.” Since I don’t know anything about those virtual gaming thingies I could just follow his directions for now.

As I steps into the pod, inside was a small table and a lot of what I think is sensing camera. Then I starts taking my clothes off, even my underwear- Yes- Everything, before putting it on the small plastic table. After that I start to look for the start button that Ryousuke was talking about. It was near the toward the door and I push it after reading the label: START in English.

deep deep deep [Please stand by, the scans will depends on your real human body. Please stand still and don’t move please. I repeat, Please stand still and don’t move please.] A man voice came from the pod as I stood in the middle of the pod and closed my eyes.

I could feel the air around me change as something like a laser light starts to scan but body from the bottom of my feet toward my head. Then all over again. And again. And again. And again. And again… needs I to repeats?

What the hell?! Why is this scanning taking so long? Ryousuke though as he wait for the scanning to finished. It has already been 15 minutes and the scanning isn’t even over yet. When it was his first time, it only take 3 minutes or so, why the hell does it take this long for Aikawa to scan his body? Is it because he never play any VR game before that it took so long? Ahh that must be it. Since the scanning didn’t just scan your body and nerve, it scans the blood veins and everything in your full body all the way to your bones. It also scan a part of your brain too so it doesn’t surprised Ryousuke that it might take this long that much but… Seriously?

Another 10 minutes passed by and Ryousuke is starting to think that the machine might be broken or malfunction.

After another 30 minutes, Ryousuke was starting to fall asleep.

Ryousuke woke up from his half-asleep state when the light shines from the door of the pod and a really …pissed off… Aikawa steps out.

What? What happen?

“Ne, Ryousuke-kun…” Shinichi asked in a voice that sends chills down Ryousuke’s body.

“Y-yeah? What’s wrong?” what else could I asked?! I didn’t do anything!

“Go find a technician and have them fixed that bloody machine. IT FREAKING DAMN MISTAKES ME FOR A GIRL. TWICE!” I said with a blood chilly voice. How dare that piece of shit argued with me that I am a girl when it clearly scans my private parts into consideration! Even Ryoma knew that I was a boy when we first met! How Dare That Fucking Damn Machine!

“What?! Are you seriously? There was never a mistake like that before. The machine read and implements everything in your body into consideration. From your brain waves to every inch of muscles in your body are taking into consideration.  After all, in DIE,  your status points are base on your first time into the game. That’s why the machine scans every little muscle in your body. To think that it would mistakes you for a girl and twice at that. I don’t like what I should say to that anymore.” Ryousuke slump into a chair.

“Ahhh… Forget it. This is getting me a headache. Freaking damn machine.” I scratch my head in thought. “Although, if I’m not in rehabs, I might destroy the damn machine already,” I whispered quietly so Ryousuke couldn’t hear me.

“Huh? Did you say something?” Asked Ryousuke.

“No, is nothing.”

“Anyway,  next, you needs research. Go to **** and watch the let’s play or game-play there on Virtual Reality games. There should be a lot of games. Especially if you research about MMO games genres. There’s millions of gameplay. If you wanted to play DIE then just research on MMO games. VRMMO games to be more specific. Like Magic and Swords Infinity Online gameplay or let’s play.” Ryousuke said as he stood up from his chair and lead Shinichi towards the PC room, which is located on the seconds floor where the bookstore are located at.

“Then Aikawa-kun. let’s make a library card for you. Both the Library card and your online account are the same so if you just get a Library card then you can access everything in the library online and buy books from the bookstore online too. There’s digital version and paperback or hardcover version available. This way. the door is over here.” Ryousuke said as they opened a glass door.

Inside was hundreds of computer in rolls from all the way from the windows toward the back of the wall. It was line up neatly in a form of rectangular shape.

There was a counter with three younger girls working on the screen of computer in front of them. Ryousuke walked toward them quietly and-

“Yo!” he started them, making all of them jumps in fright.

‘K-Kim-kun!” the girl on the left said shrieked in fright.

“Onii-chan!” hissed the girl in the middle while the girl to the right sighed out loud in complained.

Onii-san? Really? This is probably the step sister that Kim-sensei told me about then.

“Nana, get a Library card for new students ready,”  Ryousuke said as he grins wildly at his sister.

“Sure. But if you do that again, onii-san, you will ….” She cracked her knuckle as she says that with a menace expression on her face. Ryousuke’s face pale for a second before he nodded. It seems like he didn’t want to meet her fist that soon.

“Right. Had you have your body scans downstairs?” Asked Nana.

“Yes,” I answered back as I nodded.

“The machine should give you a code on a piece of black paper. Do you have it?” Asked Nana as she opened the software for the new Library card, which directly connected to the Core for DIE server.

Oh, that black paper? I thought it was a curse paper but nevertheless, yes I still have it.

“Yes, right here,” I said as I handed her the paper with long 27 numbers and letters codes that have five bar code underneath it. Nana stopped typing as she looks at the paper and then at Shinichi then at the paper again.

“Your name and birthday please?” She asked a little bit shock at what she see.

“Huh? Aikawa Shinichi. Birthday is October 15, XXXX.”  I answered.

“Got it. Please wait a minute,” said Nana as she scans all five codes into the computer before activating the codes in the programs.

A minute or so later, a small decoding machine beep in the background and a small card, like a credit card but only smaller, came out. It was Bright dark red and white design with a blue flowers carved on it.

Nana picks up the card and handed to Shinichi with a frown on her face.

“Here’s your Library card, Aikawa-kun.” Nana handed Shinichi his card.

Why the hell is this card have a flower design on it. Don’t tell me that the librarian though I am a girl? Is that why she design this way too womanly design card.

“Ano, just to clarify. I’m a man, okay?” Better get this over with. I’m too tired with being mistaken as a girl.

“Eh?” Nana’s eyes were so wide that Ryousuke nearly laugh out loud if not for the glares sends his way by Nana herself.

“Yes, I am a boy.” I don’t know whether or not this is funny anymore. Wait. It wasn’t even funny in the first place!

“Ah. I’m sorry. It is because of the design on the card that made you asked that question? If it is then I’m afraid to inform you that the design on the card are base on your codes from the scans so I can’t do anything about it.” Informed Nana with a expression of apologizing and a blush on her face. She wasn’t the only one. The other two librarian were both blushing in shame from their mistakes too.

What? It’s not their fault! Is not like the subject of their mistake have a look that clearly say is a pretty-boy. Is more like beauty-girl to them, who are the girls. To think that there’s someone, who’s a male at that, who have bigger eyes then them, fairer skins, taller, slender than them, have longer hair than them… needs I go on?

All in all, Aikawa look even more beautiful and prettier than any girls that they know. Which isn’t a lot. Comparing all other girls to Shinichi and you’re know why everyone, including all his boy classmates and his own sister, would make him cross-dress. Even his father can’t say anything about it. Actually, his father can’t say anything about it since Aikawa Shinichi himself look like their mother and their father combine. In another word, their genes are too good.

It was that stupid machine’s fault?! A vein pops up in my head. That damn machine must be a freaking damn pervert. To mistakes my gender for a female not once but twice at that! Damn him, the machine must be conspiring against me since the damn machine for some reason, wanted me to be a freaking damn girl.

“Ah, forget it.” I signed out loud. No use crying over spills milk.

“Sorry.” They all blushes while saying so, the librarians that is. Shinichi sighed out loud. Maa, is not like is their fault so there’s no use having grudge against them.

“Is fine. Clearly, is wasn’t your fault. Thank you for the card.” I bow a bit as thanks for their help.

“Eei, it is nothing much.” Nana blushes.

“Hehehe, well that’s that Aikawa-kun. Let’s get going. I still have to go to the club so I will be going now. Ah, that’s right. Why don’t you research on VRMMO in here? This is the library after all.” Ryousuke advised wisely.

“Hmm. That’s a good idea. Can I use the computer now?” I asked the librarian.

“Yes, just sign in using the password that you made during the Signup process for your DIE account and your student ID codes is your username. This is the free wi-fi area so if you have your own laptop or virtual desktop, you can bring it here to connect to the internet. After that, if you want to print anything, you will need to connect to the printer via Bluetooth and it cost 5 yen each page, ” Said the librarian to the right of Nana.

“Thank you. Well, then. I’ll see you later, Ryousuke.” After saying thanks to the librarian, I turn toward Ryousuke and bit farewell with him for the time being since he’s already half-way toward the entrance.

“Okay, See you during dinner. You remember where the kitchen’s at right?”  I nodded to that question. “Then I’ll see you at dinner,” Ryousuke said that as he waves from the door entrance.

“Later.” I wave as he closed the door. Since the class is still in section, there’s no one here in the library beside the librarian and Shinichi. Shinichi quickly makes his way to one of the computer.

Since technology is high, all the computers that they are using now are really high tech, especially for the schools all over the global. To be more specific, Japan and Korean have the highest technology next to United Kingdom and New York of United States of America, which used to have only 50 states but now have 100 states due to sea level and new islands and lands keep popping up due to volcano eruptions.

After login, Shinichi went straight into surfing the net on VRMMO games articles. Then he went to ******* and start watching the gameplay on Magic and Swords Infinity Online. There were hundreds of millions, no billions, of videos. Arg… which one should I watch?! There’s too many!

Ah! Let’s just watch the first episode. Okay!

As Shinichi type in “Magic and Swords Gameplay, Episode  1” into the search bar, only about a couple millions of videos came to view. Shinichi sighed out loud in relief as he clicks the top one on the list. It was by a user named CrystalFreedom.  Shinichi waited for the video to finished bluffing before he clicks play.

The theme song for a famous anime from long ago, probably from the 20th century or so. As the song finished, a warning came into view: The following programs is for 16+ only. Please watch at your own expense. It says.

[Hello and welcome to CrystalFreedom in Magic and Swords let’s play and or Gameplay. For those of you that don’t know what Magic and Swords is, Magic and Swords is a game develop by IgameNation and SkyFar, the developer behind the Nerve Implements Readers. Now, what is M&S? M&S is a VRMMORPG games that have both magics and martial arts involve. It has everything that any other games has. There are 7 classes and 14 subclass. If you wanted to know more, check the official website. I’m too lazy to give out all the goodies in this game.]

And so, Shinichi spends the rest of his times watching the gameplays. It was really like watching movies and whenever that Crystal person kills a mob, Shinichi could feel his skins crawled in shudders. From the first animal that she killed, which was a really weird looking pig-like creature, what was they’re called? A Haul? It look like a pig but have two large horns on its head and have one really long and sharptails that swing like a sword. She have to kills about 25 of those for experiences. As she records, she also inform the watcher of the smells, the senses of touching the -what was it that she called it? Mob? The senses of how heavy the swords that she is using since his a mage, not a swordsman. And the likes.

For a game that have 90% Realism, the bloods and everything else is really realism too. Since M&S re-spawn time depends on the level of the mob. For example, if a chicken in game is a level 1 then it will take 1 minute for the chicken to re-spawn. If a slime is level 2 the it takes 2 minutes and so on. However, there’s a limited, like for boss monster level and mini-boss level. There’s always a respawn time of 7 days in Real Life Cooldown for boss level monster. And the maximum time is 3 days in real life no matter how high a monster is for non-boss monsters that are high levels.

There’s something call Skill and Professions. Skills are the spells and abilities your character utilizes while in combat, assisting others in combat, or providing benefits and other useful temporary powers to you or others outside of combat.

Most skills are used to damage a target while in combat, and depending on the class you have chosen will either be short- to medium-range melee abilities or medium- to long-range ranged abilities.

Other skills will apply debuffs to your target(Negative Buffs). These types of skills will lower the target’s performance in combat and movement speed, or in some cases apply to damage or another effect over a short period (damage over time or DoT).

There are other skills, similar to buffs or de-buffs, that you can place on friendly targets and players. Depending on the skill used, you can improve the target’s combat abilities and movement as well as apply healing over time (HoT) effects.

Lastly, there are skills that can heal friendly targets directly and can be very useful in groups. However, these types of skills are limited to Priest classes normally. As with other skills, once a target has been selected you simply make sure you’re within range and either click on the skill or use the hotkey you have it bound to.

All those skills are really hard to level up because it takes times to collects experiences point for them. Each skill needs a lot of numbers of experience and a lot of grinding so they’re hard to come by.

Magic and Swords’s profession are a lot easier but due to how magic is involved, it a lot harder to levels. For example, cooking, with all ingredients and equipment, the cooks but have a lot of mana to cook foods that will repulsive mana and health or other things like temporary increase of magic accuracy, or physical attack power or max MP/Hp or… well you know what I’m talking about, for a period of time.

Magic and Swords was a game that has more than 90% of all Asian plays. Even the elders. No. Especially the elders.

And now, after Destiny Ignition Exceed came out with a realism of 99%, the pains tolerance level at 90% maximum, every senses were outstretch to the point that you could say that they were even more real than in real life. It would cost a lot of people to neglects real life and play the game. So to counter that, the game set a limit of games hours in real life. You can only play it for 10 hours maximum a day in real life. But then again, the sense of time in real life and in games are different.

One hour in real life is 5 hours in games. That’s right. DIE time is 5 times slower than real life. Which mean that if you play for 10 hours in real life, it mean that is actually 50 hours in games. Extending times also causes a new type of problems too. So to counter that, they have the Satiety System which measures hunger and thrust in the game. Asides from that, they also measure the sleep and awaken sensation too.

They had also implemented a mood component that measures the heart beat and anxiety levels. There’s a lot more to this game than any other games that have ever been developed before. Even the NCP are so real in game. They have their own story and history to tell. If a player-adventurers- look down on the NCP because of thinking that they’re just NCP, that player won’t get any high rank quests. They would only get quest like collecting furs, picking apples, finding lost item, etc. Those are all beginner rank quest, the F rank quest. Those quest give out experiences very minimumly and the rewards are also very small too.

This was one of the reason why M&M’s world is so loved. The NCP are the human in that world. The players are only the adventurers- they’re outsider.

So you have played the game it knows what it is like.

According to an article that did some interviews with a couple of people who have been playing  for three months since the game was release, the first persons says that anything in this game is possible from what the game developers had says. As long as you know how to, for example, the person himself is a doctor in real life and in game, his a Healer, which is different from a priest/cleric and or a chanter, who used spells to heal people.

He was a secret class. A healer who doesn’t use mana when he cast healing powers because he mostly uses herbs and plants instead.

The second interviewer was a woman who teaches children how to dance and she herself is a dancer in the game. Her dance can hypnotist anything excepts non-living things like actual woods or plants that aren’t monster.

The third and last person was just an ordinary boy in high school who was a warrior in the games. He said that because his body was already weak when his start playing, his online status such as his his STR(Strength), CONS(construction), DEF(Defense), DEX(Dexterity), INT(Intelligent), Charm(Charisma), WIS(Wisdom), WI(Willpower), and Luck(Chances) were exceptional low but his Willpower and his Luck were abnormally high. So he spends twice the amount of times in the training center just to train his STR, CONS, and DEX.

When he says twice, he really mean twice. New players are restrict into the beginner town or city that they choose for one month real times. That meant that the player is restricted to a 5 months in game. They can’t moved out of the safe field which only held the mobs that doesn’t give out experience when kill. Like small farmed chicken, sheep, pigs, and cows. Those animal can be harvest like real life for meats and other things but because the realism level is so high that no one wanted to touch it let alone kills it and skins it.

They would rather find jobs in the towns and work there for experiences and money before their times is up is what Shinichi concluded after reading that article and another two or three articles about the beginning of the games.

By the time that Shinichi finished reading and watching 20 or episode of various of gameplay for virtual reality game, dinner was ready to be serve so he stopped and log out.

[After dinner, I will research some recipes for the cooking class and then meditate for another hours before turning in.] Shinichi concluded his plan.

Shinichi didn’t forget that he still have to go through his rehabs. He have another month left of rehabs to goes thru before he can do anything that require him to use as much strength as breaking just one tiles of brick. And he used to be able to break 50 of them without breaking a sweats…. Ahh~ Shinichi signed out loud.

How weak he has gotten. Really… If Yuki see him like this, there’s no telling how many dresses she’s going to make him wear and how many pictures she would had taken. Shinichi shuddered as he walked toward the cafeteria. But before he got there, he heard Ryousuke called him from the other hall.

“Aikawa-kun! ” A loud, really LOUD,  voice that sounds way too like his older brother called Shinichi, causing him to nearly misstep.

“Ryousuke-kun,” I greeted. Ryousuke’s hair was wet and glittering from the lights as he ran toward Shinichi with some energy that Shinichi will never know where it comes from.

He must have to take a shower before he comes. After, he did say that he have club activities to attend. He must be sweating that why he needs to take a shower before dinner. Hmm… What could he be doing? Maa, is not like it’s any of Shinichi’s business.

“So, how was it? How was watching VR online?” asked Ryousuke with a big grin on his face.

“…” How shall I answered him? There a millions of things that Shinichi had just learned from watching the gameplay. Yet, Shinichi keep having the feeling that the person who was playing is a amateur in fight as a warrior because just by watching it, Shinichi saw more than a lot of weakness in her defense.  And the way that she act is really fake. Is like watching a movie that the player herself wrote about her.

“A movie” I answered in the end because honestly, watching the gameplay doesn’t seem like watching a gameplay but a movie instead.

“Hehehe, right? what do you think of the monster in the game, though?” He asked as the walked inside the cafeteria.

“Weird,” I answered.

Ryousuke stop. “Weird? How so?” The confusion inside Ryousuke’s mind started to turn into alertly puzzled.

“The Monsters in there look really real but the players are far too weak to look for their weak point, and keep hitting places that are harder to hit. And the bloods are really creepy too. I only watch to episode 5 of the gameplay but I really don’t like how fake the player make it look. Is like, acting you know?” I answered back as Ryousuke walked ahead toward the line for a meal ticket.

The meal ticket come from the machine that label: Cafeteria Menu. There is five machine total. The first one was white and it has the word, Japanese Food on it while the other are varies in colors with labels that says things like Chinese Menu, Korean Menu, Southern Asian Menu, and there was one that says Special Menu.

The one that Ryousuke lead me to was the Japanese one. It has 15 sets of difference kinds of food to make a full lunch or dinner combo. For example, the dish always includes rice to go with two side dishes such as tamagoyaki, miso soup(variety) and an appetizer such as two sushi or kushiyaki. There’s a lot of varieties of dishes combo. The ones that Shinichi like the most are curry rice and Nori bento. But today, after watching that gameplay, he feels like eating something else.

“Ahh” Ryousuke makes a sounds at the back of his throat as he presses the number three combo and slides his card, which I believe is his student ID card. The same like the one that I just got this morning.

I choose a ramen menu in the button instead since is the cheapest. The chopped pork and chicken ramen.

“Aunties, here’s my ticket. This is a new student that will be starting this Monday.” Ryousuke introduces me to the cafeteria staff.

“Hajimemashite. Boku wa oname wa Aikawa Shinichi desu. Dozo Yoroshiku.” I introduce myself in full Japanese. Politely too.

“Oh my, what a polite lady.” a woman around her 40s says with a smile on her face.

… lady?! I blinked. I could hear Ryousuke’s struggle to not laugh instead, he nearly choked in his own splits.

“I am a male, ma’am” I grind my teeth as I force a small smile.

… The sounds of pans and plates hit the floor were heard from the inner kitchen and around Shinichi and Ryousuke.

“E-ehhh?!!!” all the woman in the kitchen stopped and stared at Shinichi, causing all the other students who were staring at Shinichi even since he came inside the room to widen their eyes in shocks and gasps in astonishment.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked, a little too cold for my taste. Causing the surrounding people to shivers in cold.

“A-ahh. No, is nothing.” All the surrounding people sweats drop at the scene in front of them before trying to conceal their peeking at Shinichi. Most of the boys were feeling depressed that Shinichi isn’t a girl and was half crying as the eat their dinner with a forlorn expression on their faces. Yet, some of the man eyes were shining like they’re looking at their favorites model.

Not like they can help it. Shinichi is way more feminine than any model woman that they knew of so there was no way that they could have avoid taking peeks at him. Eyelashes longer than a girl, face more fairer than a girl, taller than a  girl, body slenderer than a girl- even if he doesn’t have that items that every girls have. And eyes that seems to by crystal instead of human eyes. Especially when his eyes are different in colors. Eei-not different colors but different shades. The right sides is golden with a tint of green while the other are golden with a tint of orange.

Is like looking at a picture of an angel… no, not an angel. Is like something not of this world yet straightly, is like looking at the kindest goddess. It was making a couple of the male in the area nosebleeds and heart thumbs in a way that should be illegal.

“Here’s my ticket. Please make it a little bit spicier than normal.” I signed mentally as I handed the woman nearest to me my meal ticket.

“Ahh my, what bad manner I have. Sorry about that. As an apology, I let your first meal here for free. Use that ticket for Monday’s dinner instead. hohohohoh~.” The elderly woman laughed with a hand on her mouth.

“Really? Thank you~!” Yes! Free food. There’s nothing that tastes better than free food. Especially if the one who made it were by motherly love. Since Shinichi and Yuki rarely get to eat food that has motherly love in it, Shinichi had always tried his best to cook like his grandma since his own mother is- was- a disaster in the kitchen.

The smiles that were on Shinichi’s face made everyone in the velocities drops their fork, spoons or chopsticks with their mouth opens.

After that, Shinichi and Ryousuke took their seat while waiting for their food to be ready. While waiting for their food to be ready, Shinichi keeps feeling like someone is staring at him but once he looks around, there was no one.

Hm, must be my imagination.

“Ryou-chan! Yours and Aikawa-kun’s food are ready~!” yelled the lady whom Shinichi suspect was the main chief in the inner kitchen. As Ryousuke stood up to get the food, the door opened with a bang that resounds throughout the whole cafeteria with an echo that stopped everyone and drawn their attention.

At the door stood a person that took away my breath in surprised. That person has two other people behind him and they were all panting. At first glance, you can tell that those three teenage boys ran here.

“Seiichirou. Ryoma. Hanato,” I whispered to myself. I didn’t think that I will be seeing them this early. Ehh??? Wait. Can they even recognized me when I look nothing like the old me?

My hair is no longer dark green. I longer have my original eyes colors. My body has changed into something not human anymore. Would they even recognize me looking like this?

Sweats start to gather on Shinichi’s forehead as each second passed by. Seichirou, who was the first one to opened the door started to look around the cafeteria for someone. Shinichi hopes that it wasn’t him.

He isn’t ready to face his childhood friends yet. Not the way he is now. However, Shinichi always has bad luck and it has been proven a lot of times already. And now, it once again proved itself that Shinichi’s luck is really bad as his eyes and Seiichirou’s locked together in a haze of staring. Seiichirou wasn’t the only one that was looking at Shinichi.

Sweats pour itself into Shinichi’s hands as he hopes that Seichirou won’t be able to recognize him.

Too bad.

“Shin-chan?” As a really clear voice that sends warm into Shinichi really being. It has been far too long since he last heard the voice of his childhood friends. Shinichi froze in shock as two more eyes focus on him.

“Shinichi!” A soft yet strong voice that sounds like it was going to cry called out and the next thing everyone else knew, a teen with dark blue hair fly at the white headed and they were on the floor with a crushed.

“Shinichi! Shinichi! You’re back! Waaahhh!” the blue headed cried in his chest. Shinichi can tell that he must be showing a rather weird expression on right now because his face and eyes seem to be far too warm to be normal and something is blurring his vision.

“Hanato.” Shinichi didn’t know if he should pat the boy’s head or hug him back as Hanato cried in his blossom with no shame whatsoever.

“S-Shinichi~!” Hanato cried louder. “Where have you been all this time? Do you know how worried we are about you? What kind of vacation toke more than half a year? Why didn’t you contact us?!” He yelled into Shinichi’s chest.

Shinichi sadly smiles down at Hanato and closed his eyes before letting his full body weight into the floor as he hugs Hanato back.

“Shinichi?” A new rougher voice asked with shock. Shinichi opened his eyes to see a red head boy who has two moles underneath his right eye.

“Ryoma…” No, don’t cry!

“Shin-chan…” a sad voice called from behind Ryoma. Ryoma.

Is Ryoma… my one and only fiancee. Who can only see me as friends… No! Don’t cry!

“Seiichirou…” No, no. Don’t cry. Don’t you dare cry me!

“Ano, sorry to interrupt you guys but… Aikawa-kun, you know the student council president and the dorm president?” Asked Ryousuke as he scratches his cheeks in curiosity. I blinked.


“Student Council President and Dorm President? Who?” I asked. Nah, it can’t be Hanato since he doesn’t like things come with great responsibility and it certainly can not be Ryoma since he doesn’t have the time or patient to be in neither of those positions. That leave only Seiichirou, who is the most responsible one out of all four of them. But for Seiichirou to be both the dorm president and student counselor president?

“Sakurai-san is the Student Council President of this school and-and Sanada-san is the dorm president of this dorm that you and I are staying in. Did I not tell you that this morning?” Ryousuke as with a question mark on his face. I shake my head a little to let he know that he didn’t say anything of that sort this morning.

Seiichirou is the Kaichou? And Ryoma is the Dorm president?!!! Seichirou, he could see it happening but Ryoma?! That bratty boy who just act however he likes and hates anything that doesn’t have to do with martial arts is the Dorm  President?!!! The demon that would kill anyone who as much as makes him read anything that doesn’t have martial arts in concepts?!!!

What in the world had taken place while I wasn’t here?!!!

Talk about the shock of my life… before I knew it, my eyes were already starting at Ryoma with a gaze that says: What the hell? Are you seriously?! Who the hell are you and what had you done to my best friends?!

“Shinichi?” Asked a sniffing Hanato from on top of me with confusion clearly evident.

“Hmm?” I draw my attention back to Hanato as he slowly gets off of me as he blinks in my face.

“…” What? What it’s it? Why is Hanato gone quiet? Is something wrong?

“Hanato?” I asked hesitantly.

“W-what happened to your hair Shinichi?” He finally asked. “A-and, why are your eyes golden? What happen to your green eyes?!” He asked a bit too hysterically for my liking.

That draw both Seiichirou and Ryoma attention to my looks. I avoided their eyes for sure this times. There is no way that I can explain how I my dark green hairs has turned into his weirdly totally White-turn-silver colors.

The whole cafeteria was in silence for what seems like forever to me as their stares drawn holes in my face.

“Shin-chan, is it just me or does it seem like you’re getting more prettier than before?” Ryoma carelessly asked with his eyes to me like something out of this world. Stupid blood! Don’t you dare blush at that comments! I told myself.

I can feel a vein popped on my forehead as he glared at him with the look that will kill him if he thinks like that again.

“Ahhh, Shinichi. Both of you guys get up from the floor. Hanato, you’re pretty heavy so get off Shinichi before he suffocates from your weight.” Seichirou finally snaps out of his daze as he remembers where they’re currently are. That’s right. Right now, everyone’s attention is them, especially the girls.

“We need to change location. Shinichi, where’s your room?” Seichirou asked as he look around. By tomorrow, Seiichirou is willingly to bet 10,000 yen that what happened just now will be all the girl’s hottest topic. Seiichirou mentally smirked. Now that Shinichi is here going to the same school as them, all the girls won’t be able to approached them again. Especially for Ryoma and Seichirou, who have a pretty big fan clubs that does NOT made out of only girls. By tomorrow, Seiichirou knew that Shinichi will have the biggest fan club in the whole school. And if what the principal said was truth, then it will only serve to make Shinichi more popular since his one of the “Tutor”.

“Ahh, my room? Is-!” before Shinichi can reveal his room, Ryoma’s hand was on his mouth closing it before he could reveal out anything.

“Shin-chan.” Ryoma started saying with a voice that sends chills down Shinichi’s spine. He only called me Shin-Chan when I did something that made he pissed off. And when Ryoma is mad, like truly mad, he’s scarier than Seiichirou when he went to his dark mood that always seems to involved Hanato.

What?! What did I do?! I think I said this before, but I’m going to say it again, RYOMA IS SCARY~! Glasses people are scary!

“Don’t reveal your room so easily please?” He didn’t ask. It was a command and I can’t do anything but nodded. Sometimes, okay, a lot of times, Ryoma scared me and I don’t even know why. I can see Seiichirou shaking his head and Hanato smiling a bit as he grabs my hand and nearly drags me toward the door without answering Ryousuke’s question.

“Ahh, they didn’t answered my question.” Ryousuke sighed out loud as he stood up from his seat and left the Gaming room, He have a character to level up tonight since is the weekend and weekend mean double experience point and three times more loots from monster drops. Still, he needs to prepare because Double Exp. mean Double Trouble. All the monsters are twice as strong,  Ryousuke whistle as he left the cafeteria, leaving a bunch of curious man that wanted to know who the beauty that came with him is.

Back at Shinichi, Seichirou, Ryoma and Hanato. They made to his room without any problem as Shinichi opened the door with a passcode made out of 10 numbers, making Ryoma looking at him and the code pads in wonder. Of course, Ryoma is going to be wondering since Shinichi is the only one in the whole school that have to have a 10 digits code password for his room. Must be for protection. Ryoma guessed.

Inside the room was what Seichirou, Hanato, and Ryoma expected of Shinichi’s room. Neat, organized, and a lot of free spaces. It has only a minimum amount of things that he needs like a table to study, two bookshelves, a bed in the corner, and a LOT of space left. yep, just like Shinichi’s personality.

“Take a seat on my bed if you want to or the chair.” Hanato didn’t even wait for the invitation before he pulls me and Seichirou toward my bed and seats down. Ryoma look around a bit before settling down into the chair near the bed that I intend to use for studying while looking at the picture of us four in full display clothes. He lifts his brows in wonder.

“Shin-chan, now explain to me why your appearance change.” Hanato was never one to hold his punch even if he hates violence. The curiosity and worries in his voice made my body nearly tremble in warmness.

And so, I explain to them of what had happened in the past 5 months and a half that I can remember. How the fires killed mom and dad and Yuki. How the old couple found me near death’s door. How I woke up to see that my whole appearance has changed.

I told them everything. Except about how my body heal itself because if I start with that, I wouldn’t have to tell them about he suicides. They will know. Seichirou have one hell of an instinct and Ryoma is really scary when anything that could harm me is mention so I’ll keep my mouth shut about that.

By the end, Hanato was crying while hugging my arms and Ryoma look like he wanted to throw up as Seichirou can barely hold himself before he cry. No one actually cried though.

“W-why? H-how come you didn’t call us Shinichi? We would have come for you even if we can’t do anything, we can still be there for you” Hanato sniffed as he tightly held onto my arm.

Tears clouds my vision.

“Sorry. By the time that I woke up, three months had already passed by and all the funeral had already long gone. I barely remembered that I was the only one that survived that night. But by the time that the doctors and police have explains to me of everything. It was far too late for me to call anyone of you. All I can do is try my best at Rehabs and hope that I can come back to Japan sooner. I didn’t even know that it would be this fast either.  It might be because I got better far sooner than anyone planned that I’m here now. I am still in rehabs you know? I still have another week or so to go before I can do anything rigorous.” I explain to them as I wipe away my tears, however before I could, Ryoma’s hands was wiping them out already. The tenderness in his hands just made me wanted to cry more.

“Geez, stop that. I’m not a kid anymore” I complained while nearly, nearly okay?, pouted. Ryoma has a strange smile on his face before letting his hands fall away from my face. For some reason, the spots where Ryoma’s hand’s touch is strangely hot.

The next couple minutes was spends in a comfortable silence. The only sounds that could hear was Hanato occasional sniffed and hiccup. Before we knew it, Hanato have fallen asleep on my arms(must be the crying), causing my arm to nearly fall asleep to before Seichirou scope his twin up and left the room after a ‘let’s met in the morning at breakfast’, leaving me and Ryoma alone in the room. Before he left, Seichirou give Ryoma a look, causing

For some reason, I get kind of nervous when Ryoma keep looking at me with that weird expression on his face.

“Ryoma?” I decided to ask him.

“Hmm?” He still looks at me weirdly.

“Do you know how to play Virtual Reality game?” I asked.

“Of course.” he answered as if it was the stupidest question that I had ever asked him off.

“Really?” Great! Now I don’t have to bother Ryousuke about helping me with the system and stuff like that!

“…Shinichi, just let me ask you. Have you ever play one?” He asked.

“Nope!” I smiled.

“…What the hell have you been doing for the past 17 years of your life?” Ryoma asked with a look that clearly says; requireSeriously!?

“Housework, martial art practices with my sensei-tachi(more than one teacher), school, hanging out with you guys, and more practices. Let’s see, about 30 % of it was for sleeping, 20% was for housework and all the others are either for school or for when I’m at the dojo with you guys.” I answered.

“…” Ryoma didn’t know if he should feel sorry for Shinichi for missing out for being too busy.

“So, can you help me?” I answered a bit hesitantly.

“Help with what?”

“Well, it seems that the requiresme to play this game [Destiny Ignition Exceed] but since I never play any virtual games before, I don’t know how to.” I explained.

“Oh okay, I’ll help you. Since we haven’t seen each other for so long, Wait here, I go get my PlayReader and show you the basic of how to play VR games.” Ryoma said with a small grin on his face as he left my room.

5 minutes later, he knocked on the door and I opened to find him holding onto a really machine that look like the old game system from the old day.

“Okay, let me connect this up first.” Ryoma said as he come inside and start connecting the systems. After that, Shinichi started to slowly show me how to control myself virtually. We spends a couple of hours playing Dynasty Warrior The 12th Rescue of Death as Ryoma show me to ropes. By the time that we noticed our  surrounding, it was already 12 midnight when the big clock outside the mansion strike down, Since it was really late already, Ryoma quickly when online and check the attendants before returning to his room for the night.

Long after he left, I still haven’t fall asleep yet. The excitement from playing Dynasty Warrior was causing my adrenaline to pump, causing my sleepiness to be no where to be found.

It was like me living as the characters in the game. Even if I’d turned off all the blood and stuff like that from the game. It was still….ahhh…sleepy…


Outside of Shinichi’s room, Ryoma was leaning on the door as he listen to the soft snores from inside. Since the dorms  is nearly sound proof, Ryoma have a hard time fallen asleep due to his really sensitive ears but now, he is thankful that he could heard his crush’s soft breathing inside. It meant that he wasn’t dreaming. Ryoma smile softly before leaving for sleep himself.


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