Chapter One: Starting a New Life

Chapter One: Starting a New Life

“…” Talking/ when there’s * next to the sentence, Shinichi is speaking Korean.
[Thinking thoughts are in here.]
“Italic means flashback” except when is a Translation from Song

There was a saying from the old day that lives are harsh only when you can’t enjoy it.

This saying has always been Shinichi’s favorite because no matter how hard things get, Shinichi would and could always find one thing in them that made him smile. He have three childhood friends who went to the same high school as him.

He has a great family even if his twin sister is really sick. He has four great-parents and two grandpas and grandmas that really love him and spoil him.

There was nothing that he finds unpleasant. Even if his parents are rarely home. Even if his sister can’t even stay out for more than 3 hours a day. Even if his friends always called him a girl-no no no, I am not a girl.

Yes, even when he had to watch the one that he loves the most said that they are only friends. Not anything else… Really, Ryoma? Even after that ceremony?

Even with all the possible problems that a teenage face, every day of his life was spent with no regrets.

Even when his sister is bored and forces him into cross-dressing. Yes, even that. As long as his sister is happy, he was willing to do anything.

He did well-exceptional well- in school. He always has friends over to his house on weekend, both boys and girls-rarely- who wanted to meet his sister. His parents even if rarely home, love both him and his sister to the point that he sometimes get annoyed. Even when Shinichi was so busy with his life that he rarely have times for himself, he was very happy.

In Japan, the education system was a lot alike to Korea, China, and Taiwan.

Their education system from elementary consists of 7 years of learning. To middle school is another 5 years. Then high school was another 7 years. Starting from pre-school at the age of 3 years old, school last until you are 22 years old. These are for general education only, though. College was another whole new level. There is still the two years programs in majority of the college in Japan however, most college have four years programs system, six years program system, eight years system. These are all undergraduates educations in college. For the grads, they are different.

Even among all these studying, Shunichi had always made Shinichi take martial arts combat to armed himself. Although, the people that teach him was questionable in both origin and jobs.
“NO! You are too adorable Shin-chan! What if someone kidnaps you or rape you or-or-or… Whatever it was. Just be sure that you can protect yourself at all time. Besides, your sister really wants you to take that class.” This was Shunichi’s excuses everytime that Shinichi told him he would quiet one of the martial arts class. After that, there is no way that Shinichi would quiet.

His father had told him when he was only 5 years old.

With the persistence from his father and the doll eyes from his sister, he agreed to take only 3 classes of martial arts. Only to find out that those three class have other 6-classes sub-categories that he must take.

Yet, he was still happy since he gets to see his love one every day. Contradiction to belief from his classmates, he didn’t feel suffocating with all his times being filled with by martial arts.

Even with that, he had spent 4 years in elementary, and 5 years in middle school to learns them all. Until he learned that all his teacher had made him the instructor to an army of the elite…. which was before he was even fifteen years old. There was nothing that he could do, Shinichi knew that this isn’t a mandatory but rather an obligation toward his own country so he did it.

At least until he got sick of all the looks from his so called students and his teachers.

Before the field trip to his mother’s hometown in Korean, he informed his teachers and masters that he was quieting martial arts. They cried- those damn oyaji. They totally made it a bigger deal than it was and costs nearly the whole country to lose.

He has enough, instead of playing virtual games and hanging out with his friends and sister, most of his free time outside of sleep and school times spend learning martial arts. Now he really has enough. He is going to have fun with his sister before her appointed surgery and not thinking of other irrelevant things.

Yet, here he is in a hospital, trying to make sense of what just happened.

Why is the wound closer so fast?  This is the 6th times that he tried to killed himself already. The first time he used the fruits knife to cut his wrist, it healed in 30 seconds. The second times he used the fruit knife to cut his throat, it heals in 3 seconds. The third time he hang himself, only to the rope to vanished into thin air.

The fourth time he tried to drown, only for the water to evaporate into the whole bathroom and making a messed of things. The fifth time, he tried to burn himself to death, only to have the fires put out by a wind that come from no where.

The sixth time, he jumped from the top of the floor. Only to have his legs and arms broken yet was healed in 47 seconds. Which is happening right now.  The blood from his head has already healed 20 seconds ago. The pain he felt from his back is now nowhere to be found, only the lingering feeling of numb is in place. Of course, out of all the times, he tried to killed himself, he made sure that no one is near, and no camera can see him. It wouldn’t be funny if the nurse or guards found him before he dies and saves him.

… that’s it…

He gives up. The pain that he went through every single time when trying to killed himself isn’t a joke. Even with his high tolerance of pain, it still hurt enough to put tears in his eyes.

[What the hell?]

Shinichi though as the broken bones in his legs and arms healed themselves.

Ding dong “Aikawa from room 2145 please make your way to the director’s office. I repeat, Aikawa from room 2145 please make your way to the director’s office.” came from the announcer in a mechanical voice, in Japanese. Shinichi got over his shock of how a Korean hospital could have international languages announcer long ago already. So, he wasn’t surprised that the announcement was in Japanese but rather that the direction told him to go to the director’s office.

[The director’s office? That’s Minion Kim oppa’s office right?]

Minyeon Kim, 35 years old man who won’t let Shinichi called him Mr. Kim or Kim-sensei.

Minyeon is also the one that took over his training regiments for him. For him to called me into the office, what is going on?

As Shinichi stand up and twist his legs to test the pain, only to find none existed with a frown on his pretty face. Shinichi then made sure that there was no evidence of himself of what took place.  Shinichi walked toward the director’s office, which is located in the west of the Rehabilitation Center.

When he get there, the nurse smile courageously at him for some reason, before going their way. What is going? A siren ring in Shinichi’s mind, making him suspicious of what is going on. An automated drone greet him before continue cleaning the floor. Shinichi pats the machine with a small smile before proceeding toward the office.

Shinichi knocked on the door three times before going in. In front of him is a man in his 30s who look more like his from the army than a doctor with his hair parted back and eyes full of laughing. The man was tall, about six feet tall, with a full build body that wasn’t too muscular but wasn’t lean either. He has the look of both a supermodel and a pop-stars, yet he’s a doctor and the director of this very hospital.

In short, his the type of guys that could easily made into a pop-star or model if he wanted. Yet, he didn’t. However, he have more connection to uses than a director from a hospital should have. Since this hospital was connected to both the military and the police safety department, it had senses that he, as the director, would have more connection. The only reason why his teachers and the Japanese’s military department didn’t get involved in the rehabilitation of Shinichi was only because of the director.

“Kim-san?” Shinichi asked alertly at the looks in Kim’s eyes. Soft and happy. Whatever it is that the man was planning is going to make Shinichi happy, that much was already on Shinichi’s mind when he saw the looks in the director’s eyes.

“Ah, Shinichi-kun. Come seat. I have something to inform you.” The man said in full Japanese.

Shinichi sits down on the sofa in front of the director as he sighed out loud. The phantom ache from the wounds could still be feel but strangely enough, Shinichi could tell that the bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles was fully healed. Even the blood veins and the nodes could be feels. Shinichi found this newly acquired abilities of his… a pain in the ass.

“Kim-san, is something wrong?” asked Shinichi as he relaxed on the sofa. The sofa was a small three person sofa that is colored in a set of rainbow colors that matched the director’s personality, Shinichi had noticed when he first set foot in here. On the wall was a painting of a large sunflower and a small group of children playing. In another word, this office was very brightly decorated.

“Shinichi-kun, your rehab has shown a truly remarkable progress that surprised all of us, your trainers and supervisors. So we talked to the military department, and we all agree that in a week time, you can go back to your ordinary life.” Minyeon says with a soft and happy tone for him.

“I’m sure that you missed your friends and school, so we decided to let you go back to school with a Notice to your school last week. We receive a replied back just this morning. Hoseiki High School would like to accepts you if you passed their Examinations online. Would you like to take this test?” Asked Kim.

Shinichi didn’t know what to think or do. Hoseiki High School was his father high school and it was his first choices for high school along with Ryoma, Seichirou, and Hanato, his three childhood friend whose father also goes there.

But… Shinichi hesitant. Questions and doubt enter his mind. After what happened, Shinichi hasn’t even contacted them.

Ryoma is going to be pissed, Seichirou and Hanato must be really worried about him by now since he just disappeared without letting them know. They all know that his on a vocation with his family but what kind of vocation last half a years? The school has already started three months ago but here he is, doing rehabs day and night all the while trying to kill himself with every chance that he got.

If they knew… Oh shit. Just thinking about it bring chills down his spines. Ryoma won’t hesitant to beat him to the ground with his martial arts, which is on another whole level from his. Hanato is going to cries softly in worries and Seichirou will enter one of his rarely pissed expression that could freeze a person’s soul.

[Hontouni okotteruyo, Ryoma de…] (Really pissed at me, Ryoma that is…).

Still, just thinking that he still have them waiting for him with open arms was enough to make his eyes tears up in happiness. Back to home in Japan where Ryoma, Seichirou, and Hanato are waiting for him?

“Yes, please,” Shinichi answered with a smile for the first time since he wakes up in the hospital. Causing Minyeon to froze and blinks.

“Wow Shinichi-kun, you’re smile is really nice. You should smile more often.” Say the director with one of his smile himself. The kinds of smiles that would cause nurses and patients to blush bright red. That kind. Yet, it has no effects on Shinichi since he’s used to his little sister’s smile. Which is-was a killer in and off itself.

“Okay then, make your way to room 2546. There’s a computer set up there for you to take the test. If you need anything else, the nurse in that room know and she’ll get it for you. If she can’t, she’ll notify me.” Kim directed Shinichi.

Standing up with a new found energy that the director has never seem, Shinichi walks out of the office with a small smile on his face.

When he get to the assigned room, there was one PC and the homepage for the test set up all ready to go.

“Aikawa Shinichi?*” asked a girly voice from his left.

“Yes.*” Shinichi replied in Korean, causing the nurses to smile.

“The test is set up and all ready to go. Please take a seat and you can begin after reading the  sample test.*” informed the nurse.

“Thank you.*” Shinichi replied back as he set down. The first ten minute Shinichi asked for a pencil and some blank paper. Then for the next three hours, Shinichi focus on the test. There was math up to algebra 1 and geometry, science up to Earth science, Japanese history from the Heian era and World history,  Reading comprehensive and Writing Essay on a specific topic that used less than 3000 words and 1500 words minimum, and then the last part was English and Foreign words test. Those are only the primary general test, the rest covered a lot of other subjects that both middle schooler and high schooler would had to learn.

All iShinichitakes 6 hours total to take the test. He toke a break once every two hours for drinking and lunch but after that he went back to the room and take the test until he finished.

The first three parts was kind of easy for Shinichi but when he got to the world history part, Shinichi got stuck there for a couple of minutes. He then guess them because it was multiple choose. Then the next part on the Essay, he decided to write about his teachers who teaches him martial arts. The topic was [What is one thing you’re proud of? And why? What is one reason why you might not be proud?] Then he submitted the test as his done.

Shinichi is really proud of his teachers. His also really proud of his father and mother but… the wounds are to deep on that area so Shinichi can’t write about them yet.

After that he went to the cafeteria for dinner and then a couple hours of exercising for his rehab then off to sleep.

The next day he wake up and went through his normal routine of exercising and attending lectures from the doctors and nurses about getting back into the society. Since his a Japanese citizen, the doctors made him read about Japanese news and society on the Nets instead of going through the normal ones for the Korean.

One of the topic that he recently read was the newly updates for one of the world largest Virtual Reality Games. They had release the Hand-Gears Nerve Connection system to the public. It was about how you can virtually level up your characters in real life by connecting to the Hand-Gears Nerve Connection with a ratio of 1:1. Shinichi didn”t get it at all since he didn’t play virtual reality games but he knew that this gears won’t be as successful as the news let out. Why? The ratio was good but the technology implement in the gears was already outdated since five years ago. Shinichi had used them for teaching his students a couple of times and it wasn’t accurate enough.

That’s until he told them that his a half Korean half Japanese that they made him went through both sides of the country’s society. He have to compare and contrast the differences and similarity.

His routine at the Rehabilitation Center would be like this:

    • 7:00 Am; Wake up, Showers and norming routine.
    • 7:30 Am: Breakfast
    • 8:00- 11:00 AM: Exercises and Meditation.
    • Then 30 minutes break
    • 11:30-12:45 am/pm Lunch times
    • 15 minutes break
    • 1:00- 2:30 pm Reading Times
    • 3:00- 6:00 pm Exercises and Meditation
    • 6:30- 7:30 pm Dinner
    • 8:00- 10:00 pm Learning Back into Society
  • 10:30-5:00 Pm/AM Light Out

And repeated. On Sunday is a free- day but all other days are like the above schedules. Unless he was called to the director’s office or something. Like now.

From here on is in first Person View

It was after lunch that a nurse informs me that the Doctor Kim, the director wanted me in his office. What is it this time?

Don’t tell me I failed the test? Like seriously? I might not have perfect memory but my IQ isn’t that low either.

Knocking on the door three times, I opened it and steps in with a little bit of nervous air.

“Kim-san?”  I asked a bit nervous. I admitted test isn’t my thing.  And if I failed, I won’t get to see Ryoma, Seichirou, and Hanato for a while.

“Shinichi-kun, don’t be too nervous. Come in! And Congrats! YOU PASSED!” Doctor Kim happily announced with a grin on his face.

I paused. Not knowing what to do. Really? I passed? Well, I haven’t doubted my educations but that school wasn’t a normal school….

“Yes, you passed! With a flying color in fact. The principal at Hoseiki High is willing to give you a full scholarship base on your writing and science score, which is 100% correct on both of them. In fact, they’re willing to let you stay in the dorms there if you can be a tutor for the students in their elementary school as a job. What do you say?” Kim asked with a sparkling eye that clearly shows his excitement.

“Tutor?” Asked Shinichi, a little confused. Why would the offer him that job? From what he knew of his father’s story, there five positions for tutoring at Hoseiki only. For them to offer him that position. There must be a catch.

“Yes, it seems like their last tutor had graduated and they can’t seem to find the right person for it so when they seem your test, they want you to tutor them as a job. What do you say?”  explained Kim.

“What do they want me to tutor them in?” Asked Shinichi.

“Actually, this year Hoseiki High school change their affirmative to an All School, which have grades 1-12 now and they want you to tutor the 5 grades in Math and Science. They also want you to teach them basic cooking, ah don’t even lied, I know that you have a really kin sense of taste, so don’t even start.” Doctor Kim warned Shinichi just as he’s about to complained.

Of all things; Math and Science he could understand. But cooking? what the hell. I don’t understand what they are planning. How the hell did the director found out that I like cooking anyway? I never even research anything about food when I was reading! However, teaching cooking huh….

“What are the wage?” I asked, completely serious.

“Hmm, let’s see.” Kim took out a folder and flip through them.

“It says here that for both Math and Science is 4 hours per day for 1200 yens hours. And for the cooking class, it says here that it could either be count as a class credit for 4 credits or 800 yens per hours, per students and depend on when classes take place.” Kim informed Shinichi.

Hmmm… I don’t have to worried about money since my parents left the insurances payout for me. For dad, since he mainly lived in Chicago and work there, the money from his insurance are in US currency and is $1,210,928.00 while mom was the president for iGameNation in the United Kingdom so is in Euros of €4,156,000.00. That money are more than I could use in this lifetime but that doesn’t mean that I can just not work. Aside from that, their life insurances were also about $10,000,000 each, take or minus a couple hundred. And Yuki’s insurance was also another fifty hundred thousand U.S.D.

“Okay, I accept their terms. You also say that I could  just live in the dorms right?” Just to verify.

“Yes, there’s five dorms at Hoseiki. The Star Dorm, Moon Dorm, Daylight, Daybreak, and Midnight Dorm. I have no clue why they named it like that but lets not asked.  You will be staying in the Daybreak dorms which consist of the 4-6 years that you will be teaching.” Kim inform.

“Okay. When do I start?”

“In four day. Ah, don’t worry. I already got your passport and everything else ready so all you have to do now is get ready and pack up.” Kim grinned with his dimple showing. Oh, that’s great, I was worrying that it might take more than a week or two for the documents and passport and stuff to proceed.

“Okay, I will.”

“By the way, Shinichi-kun. Your plan is leaving tomorrow at 7 A.M so don’t be wait for.~!”

“W-what?!” What, like what the hell?!

“Go get your stuff read,” Kim says with a look in his eyes that made the air chill.

“H-hmm.” I nodded. There is nothing that I can do besides nodding when Kim got like that.  And so I made my way toward the gym to informed my trainer and the staff there of what took place and earned hugs and tears for lucks. Then I made my way toward my room to get ready. Is not like I have a lot of stuff, is mostly my mother, father, and Yuki’s kinds of stuff that need to be pack. Why do I have their stuff?

When the accident happened, it was our last day for the vocation and I made mom and dad pack their stuff because they tend to forget their stuff since we were supposed to leave in the morning. So their stuff and mine were saved from the fires. Ahh, not good. Don’t think too much about it Shinichi. I told myself before the tears in my eyes can fall down. The next couples of hours, I spend on packing and organizing the Korean books and novels that Director Kim give me. After that, I took a shower and set my alarm clocks to 5 AM then went to sleep at 8:35 Pm.

I wake up to the ringing of the alarm with a yawn and slowly stretches my body, trying not to hurt the nerves in my stomach, which was the only thing left from the accident that proves that I had survived the fires. Doctor Kim was really surprised that there were no scars on my stomach from the metal pipe but then again, me surviving was already a miracle enough so anything else was just the effects.

knock knock

“Come in,” I said.

The door opened and doctor Kim was standing there with his arms cross on his chest.

“Shinichi-kun… are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, I packed everything. Now I just need to use the bathroom and finished my morning routine before we can go.” I said as I made my way toward the bathroom attached to my room as I take off my shirt, showing my skins on the way. In the corner of my eyes, I could see that doctor Kim was blushing but whatever, it’s not like he never seem my skin before.

As I finished, I noticed that my suitcases are nowhere to be found.

“Doc, where’s my stuff?” I asked a little puzzled.

“My assistance already toke it to the car. I will be taking you to the airport.” Kim says with a little smile on his face.

I smile a bit and nodded as we both walked out of my room, leaving my sleep wears nicely stacks on the bed for the nurse to find.

When we got to the airport and finished checking in, doctor Kim was looking a little sad.

“What? What is with your expression*?” I asked in Korean. Since Minyeon Kim is also a half Japanese like me, I rarely talk to him in Korean. But this time, the words that enter my mouth was in Korean without I’m noticing until it’s already been asked.

“Is going to be lonely at he hospital without you Shinichi.*” He answered as he tried to grin but instead, it was a sad smile. True, now that he mention it, There aren’t a lot of people in the Rehab Center. Especially, there aren’t any people that can take Kim’s personality for long like I did, even when I was only there for two weeks since I woke up.

“Hah if you change your personality a bit then there’s a lot of people who will like to be by yourself,” I answered back without remorse.

Kim giggled as he nodded in agreement.

“Hey, Shinichi-kun. Could you sing me a song in Japanese before you go?” Kim asked with a hopeful look in his eyes.

“What? I can’t sing!” I denied. No way am I going to sing here. This is the airport you know. And how does he know that I can sing anyway?

“Liar. I heard you singing in the roof a couple of weeks ago.”  Kim rebuttal with a grin on his face that says he have evidence.

“You! You were ear-dropping on me?!” How dare he!

“Is not like I intended it. I was just going there to smoke and I accidentally heard you. Now, are you going to sing or not. If you not, I am going to send the video of you singing to all the students at Hoseiki.” Kim totally blackmailed him. Shinichi knew that he was serious with the looks in the doctor’s eyes.

Signing out loud, I admitted defeat. Better sing now and get it over with, or else he really well send that video to everyone at Hoseiki and troubles will follow me then. Especially when I know that he could and would if he didn’t get what he want now.

“What do you want?” I asked with no energy whatsoever. Might as well as get this over with.

“That song that you were singing back at the roof,” Kim answered with a look of winning in his eyes. This doctor…

“Fine.” That song was one of the old songs that my father really like called Shinai by Rurutia except that he like to sing it like a ballad song. I used to not get that song at all until that accident happened and left me all by myself.

I started off the beginning of the song with a humming that draws the attention of everyone around me. Not that I noticed because I have my eyes closed. Is too embarrassing to see how doctor Kim is looking at me.

Sukoshi zutsu chikadzuite kuru no
(Little by little, am I getting close to you?)
Kaze ga hiete kitara yoru ga kuru wa
(Would the freezing wind bring me the night?)
Jikan nara ikurademo aru kara
(There’s plenty of time to spare)
Hate no nai tegami wo anata ni kakou
(so let me write a never-ending letter for you)

At this point, I could already feel the tears on my eyes dropping down my face. But I still refused to opened them. I wished that I could just write a letter to them, to those that left me.

Hageshii ame toka futte kuretara
(If only the violent storm would sweep me away)
Nanika ga kioku sae kakushi satte kureru no nara
(If something would just hide all the memories away from me)

Have I woke up that day without any memories of the accidents, it wouldn’t causes me to want to killed myself all those times. It wouldn’t had made my body so strange.

Ah anata dake mitsukaranai kara
(Ah Since you alone could not be found no matter what)
Kono me ni utsuru sekai wa marude uso mitai ni
(the world seen in these eyes seems just as unreal)
Ashita mo mawari tsudzukeru no
(Tomorrow will be another day set out to find you)
Watashi dake wo okizari ni shite
(Leaving me behind all alone)

Sometimes, I dreamed that all of this was a dream and when I wake up, Yuki would still be here poking my face in the morning while mom would laughed on the phone, all the while looking at my face through iFace, talking to Ryoma….

Mado goshi ni mieru densha no
(On the train that can be seen through the windows,)
Akari wa ryuusei mitai kakenuketeku
(Lights graze through like shooting stars)
Ikiba no nai yumemonogatari
(Such nonsense can not settle anywhere)
Kanawanai to shitte mo negatte shimau
(even though I know it can’t come true, I end up wishing for it anyway)

Whenever I tried to kill myself, I always wish that my dead would bring back Yuki, mom, and dad. Even when I knew that is impossible, I still wished it all the same,

Dokomade kanashimi ni somattara
(How much more should I drown into the sadness)
Tsumetai genjitsu ni kono mune wa furuenaku naru no
(to stop the shivering of the heart in the cold-hearted reality)

I still remember the pain that toke place when I spite my wrist, only to watch it heal at a pace that would’ve been impossible, leaving me cold and empty.

Anata dake mitsukerarenakute
(Ah Since you alone could not be found no matter what)
Setsunasa no nami ni tada kezurarete yuku
(So the surges of grief carve my heart away)
Fukakute hikari wa sasanai
(It’s so deep the light can not shine through)
Watashi dake wo okizari ni shite
(leaving me behind all alone…)

Don’t leave me alone by myself, mom, dad, Yuki…

Hageshii ame toka futte kuretara
(If only the violent storm would sweep me away)
Dokomade kanashimi ni somattara
(How much more should I drown into the sadness)

Ah, someone, tell me that this is dream. Tell me that my sister is still in Japan somewhere and she isn’t dead with my parents that night.

Ah anata dake mitsukaranai kara
(Ah Since you alone could not be found no matter what)
Kono me ni utsuru sekai wa marude uso mitai ni
(the world seens in these eyes seems just as unreal)
Ashita mo mawari tsudzukeru no
(Tomorrow will be another day set out to find you)
Watashi dake wo okizari ni shite
(Leaving me behind all alone)
Watashi dake wo okizari ni shite
(Leaving me behind all alone)

When I opened my eyes, the vision in front of me was so blurry that I can’t even tell if Doctor Kim was in front of me or not. Until a soft arms encase around me into warms chest.

“Sorry, Shinichi. I shouldn’t have reminds you of them thru this song. I’m sorry. If you wanted to cried then cry. Let this be the last time that you cried for them because it will make them sad if they have seen your tears. Don’t let their soul cried for you too. Remember them if you can’t forget them but don’t cry for them even more, you will make them sad.” Kim says in a soft voice that sounds like he was crying.

Tears spill from my eyes blinding my vision more and more until there aren’t any more tears left.

Minyeon through that Shinichi might have fallen asleep if not for the wetness on his chest and the occasional sniffs from Shinichi.

He glared at whoever it was that was watching them, scaring them away so that Shinichi can cry all he want today and let it be the last. Shinichi doesn’t deserve to suffer for something that he has nothing to do with. The death of his family members wasn’t something that he can prevent. At the really least, Shinichi himself survived. That much, had already make Minyeon thanks the gods and any deities out there for watching and protecting him.

After 30 or so minutes. Shinichi lightly pushed Minyeon away.

“Are you finish crying for them?” asked Kim with like a soft whisper.

I nodded before stepping away from the chest that embraces me in kindness.

“I’m going to wash my face. Be right back.”  without waiting for an answer from the doc.  I nearly ran toward the man’s restroom. I can see in the mirror of my own reflection. Only this man in the reflection doesn’t have dark green hair anymore. Its white, close to gray now. And my eyes, which used to be light brown is now nearly golden in color in the left and bright golden on the right.

Shaking my heads to clear my mind, I then washed my face with cold water. After a couple of minutes. I came back to where Doctor Kim is still waiting for me.

I blushed as doctor Kim smile at me kindly. To think that I was crying in his chest a couple of minutes ago. Me, a MAN. Oh gosh, this is so embarrassing.

We wait in silence as the time ticked by. Before we known it, the PA announcing the takeoff for my plan was on. I stood up and face doctor Kim for the last time and bow.

“Thank you, doctor, for everything that you had done for me.” I sincerely thank him. For all that he had done for me as his job and beyond his job. I am truly thankful.

“Don’t thank me Shinichi-kun. Keep in contract okay? I have a brother working for Hoseiki named Ryousuke, could you bring him this letter? He should be the one that picks you up at the airport.” Asked Kim with a smile as he handed the letter to me. I smile and accept.

“I will,” I answered back.

“Here, this is my email address and phone number. Call me if you have any question concerning your physical condition.” Kim handed me a card that clearly shows his name, position, phone numbers and email address. I nodded and pocket the card inside my wallet.

“Goodbye, Doctor Kim,” I said and walked toward the steward waiting for my ticket. As I hand her my ticket and she checks them before tearing the button part off and gives me back the other part, I walked toward the door and made it through the connecting doorway to the air plan. Looking for my seat number, I seat down right by the window after putting my stuff away.

The next 2 hours or so, Shinichi was dead asleep because of all the crying that he did. When the plan landed and get got out, a tall stylish man that scream model was holding the sign broad that said: Welcome back to Japan, Aikawa-kun~! with a heart mark next to it.

They truly are brothers. The older brother is like a rainbow all the while his younger brother is… really… nearly the same as the older brother.

“Are you perhaps Mr. Kim’s brother Ryousuke-san?”  Asked Shinichi once he got near him.

“Ah, Yes. Are you Aikawa Shinichi?” Asked a voice so similar to director Kim that Shinichi had no doubt that they are brothers if he even had any doubt before.

“Yes,” Shinichi answered with a small smile. Causing blood to rushed into Ryousuke’s face.

“A-ah, right. Come. We’re going back to the school.” Ryousuke said nervously.

“Sure,” I answered as I followed Ryousuke.

By the time that they got to the school or  the gate at least,  Shinichi already had a nap of 4 hours while Ryousuke was going through a torture as he finished reading the letters that he’s brother send for him,

[What a guy! for my brother to be this attached to him,  there must be something special about him. And besides, this the last tutor. Hm, I wonder if they’ll listen to him, though. Those brats is more than a handful. heheheeh]

When the gate opened and Ryousuke drives through it. It opened the door to another whole new world for Shinichi. The gate itself was already about 40 feet tall and the wall surrounding it was was about 3 meters width and 38 feet tall that, according to Ryousuke, surrounds the whole school, which consist from elementary to high school and then there are the private lands for the dorms. All in the wall, it was about 13 football field. Or so Ryousuke said.

As the car into a road way that leads to the main building, no not building, a freaking damn huge mansion in European style.

The mansion itself has five floors levels and … 17 windows horizontal line from what he could tell.

[Oh my gosh, just how big is this freaking game school?!] Shinichi thought to himself as gawds at the mansion. Oh my gosh, I am so going to get lost in here. That’s the only think that appeared in Shinichi’s mind.

Ahh not good, I am so is going to be lost in this building.(A/N: So am I. Really easily in fact )

“Aikawa-kun? What’s wrong? Come in.” Ryousuke, or shall I called him Kim-kun too?

Shinichi doesn’t know if he should be nervous or excited that he get’s to go to his father’s school. Oh my gosh… The school that dad, Ryoma’s papa and Seichirou and Hanato’s old man all went to. Shinichi toke a deep breathe and steps in.

The first step into his new life.

The life of high school.

____ To be Continue____


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